Saturday, January 21, 2012


There are many things I neglect but today I'm happy to say I'm improving.. And why to this Utah weather because for a while Mother Nature has neglected to give us snow. But today it's like having white christmas that we didn't get back in Dec. 2011.. Well this Friday brother Rocky is expecting his 3 son & we're excited. That's like the most news I've got for you all & just one quick experience to share.  Will there be a point? I don't really know but I hope you get something out of my rambling.

Recently I've been losing my inspiration for my passion of writing poems. I wanted to actually delete my blog "Freedom Writer's" because of my discouragement. But I think it was Thursday I wrote like 4 or 5 non-stop. Nothing mindblowing or what not but because I could feel my inspiration slipping. I kept writing and kept writing & eventually from Thursday til this moment of venting to you guys. I'm rekindling my fire for that passion. And I now see the point is don't give up on your passions. If you thought it (an idea) then you can do it (that idea) but you gotta stick with it (endure esp during the tough times) and I promise you will have strike of genius (and your fire will come back) and it'll be worth it because you didn't let the flame go out. Keep your PASSIONS ALIVE, PLAN IT & KEEP YOUR FEET & HANDS MOVING.. YOU CAN GET IT CAUSE IN YOUR MIND & HEART YOU ALREADY GOT IT!..  2012 The Year of the DOING NOT WILL DO.. :) Love you all!

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