Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's been a very interesting entrance into 2012 but I'm grateful for every moment. I'm currently employed by Stephen Gold. It's not a jewel store or trade gold in for cash type of company. We actually package women products. The type you see off cable informatials and in dollar stores. One of my favorite spanish names is "Esperanza" and so "Esperanza" has found her I am on a staff of six hispanic ladies. Maribella,Patty,Elise,Gloria,Marisella and Det.. They speak spanish all day & we listen to nothing but spanish music for eight hours. Its a bit like that sitcom outsource. Where the american supervisor goes to india to manage an indie call center. It's comedy that show very similar to my work place experience. Anyway I have alot of goals to complete this year. And the theme is "Roadtrips" so I can't wait. The first one off to Vegas to support my sister Tina Mapu who will be serving an LDS mission. Everything else to follow will be an adventure. My mantra for the year is to keep from saying "I want" but rather it'll be "I will".. For example "I want to write a song." but instead "I will write a song." already it's been an adrenaline rush by pushing me past my limits. I know it's made me more courageous and daring in living this way. I'm writing more, reading alot and thinking things out of what I really want. As for the dating scene it's still scarce and I've decide for real this To leave the dating websites alone and I'm not "husband hungry" anymore. I'm more hungry to make sure I'm prepared for the blessing. Especially with being emotionally unbalance in the last week or so. I know that a romantic relationship will happen when its suppose to & I'm no longer eager.. What a peace of mind that is :) Happy New Year enjoy my week's jam :)


  1. Awwwww!! Where is Tina serving and when are u guys coming??

  2. We're coming the last of 29th of Jan & she's leaving from vegas. So we should all get together. Love you sis hope the babies are doing well :)

  3. oh i love that-- changing "i want" to "i will" that is a good one :) happy new year miss ova! wishing you the very best this upcoming year! ofa lahi atu, the funaki's

    1. Thanks leeks.. It leaves no room for excuses & facing fears head on! Hope you guys are having a happy trip :) be safe out there. Alofa tele O


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