Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Angry Birds

I can't believe that its february and that my life
lessons are a non-stop since the years begun.
My blog title for this post has nothing to do with
The actual facebook game. As it has to do with
Everything I've been feel about everything that's going
On with me.. But before I go off on a venting spree. I
Have to say I have the best family in the whole world. And
We're totally psychotic at times. But at the end of the day
I love them. My mom becuz she forgives me constantly, my
Dad becuz as old as I am :) which isn't that old lol my
Conversations with him always leaves me feeling protected.
Even if he lives in Vegas. I love my baby sis teuila
For her example of being a hardworker. My brothers tui,
Roy and rocky for being spoiled lol.. nah king tui
For choosing our family. His beautiful smiles.. Roy
Because no matter what was, what is, what could be. With
No doubt I know he loves us and becuz of that fact i love him.
And rocky he'll always be my Baby, esp when he
Uses that privilege. I love him for who he is :)
With all that emotion this angry bird is signing out.
Blog lesson for tonight-count your blessings not your what ifs
or unfortunate mishaps. Stay in control :)



  1. LOL..Oh ova!! Funny girl! Thanks for the positive attitude. Its good to know things are going better. I hope your weeks goes good. Love ya sis! Even when you hear me but don't jk sis! Your a good listener ;~)

  2. crack me up O! If you talked to my kids they'd tell you "my mom is just like the angry birds everyday!hahahaha..but yes @ the end of the day we R still family & nobody loves family better than family right?! Neways, hope alls well sis!

  3. Amanda- I don't know what hearing is cause I was blessed with the ablities to listen non-stop.. cause i'm hott top thot..hahahaha you know I have to be poetic about everything.. Love ya

    Bernie-Tell me why I feel like I'm getting attacked by the "Angry Birds" 24-7 arrrrggggh.. Good thing for the power of prayer & venting seshings.. I love hearing from you & getting your comments. I'm sure when I have kids their gonna be saying "Can a happy bird come take this angry bird of a motha outta hea."lol Love you sis


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