Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Pre-Valentine's Miracle

Remember when I mentioned in my "Angry Bird" post how I've been doing what it takes to control my anger. Well it seems to be whenever Mondays roll around. Those are the days I get the most tested. Because we seem to constantly attempt each week to hold Family Home Evening. But each week I fail because of laziness, selfishness or anger. And I went through that exact cycle again this Monday. But one of the miracles that took place first was I made a real effort. Held my peace and we got through the opening exercises.
Right before prayer mom was quoting out of Sheri Dew's book "God wants a Powerful People" and was looking for her place. I happened to turn to my handsome valentine King Tui and just as I looked. He said "Oh my God"

In perfect pitch and clarity exactly like Baby Kengike would
say if he were here. But he'd say "What the Heck!" lol
Well all of a sudden as if I just seen a ghost. Or you would've thought Tui got off of the couch and started to walk. As soon as I heard him say "Oh my God" I seriously started crying for at least two minutes. And  as usually in our family showing outward affectionate emotion is almost voodoo or something to express.
However I couldn't fight back the tears and even though I'm the crybaby of the family.lol I tried but failed to hide that from my mom. . And all I kept thinking was if I didn't push my pride cycle aside last night.. Who's to say I would've witness Tui utter those words so clearly. And it wasn't that he said it irreverantly at all or was using God's name in vain. But the fact that was so clear & noticable is what brought me to tears. My unexpected miracle today & I could only imagine my experience with King Tui. That feeling must be comparable to when a parent sees their child make his first footsteps, graduates from college or gets married. I will never forget hearing those words from my valentine, our baby brother King Tui.
Me,Nancy & Sistah Rosie

After getting over my pride and witnessing that loving moment with Tui. We had a visit from our sister Rosie who flew in from Vegas. She came just in time when family home evening was about to get heated. Because of course I'm fia'poko lol. Anyway haven't seen our sister since auntie vena passed away last december. To have her in the house has brought back alot of happy memories, to end our fhe in prayer & hear about her current adventures and dreams getting fullfilled. Has reminded me that there isn't anything more lasting then the love of family.
 So by far this Valentine's and Pre-Valentine Miracles & gifts has kicked off on a good note for me. And I'm grateful for the love I've received  and continue to receive everyday. I am loved and I'm grateful God is Good all the time.. This isn't just a holiday for sweethearts that are together romanticly. But a special day to express love to everyone. Again God is soo good to me and I praise him :)

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