Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eternal Love

I've decided to disclose "Susie's" real name in this blog. To pay true tribute for a woman, I only knew for a split second. And yet yesterday at her funeral services I witnessed so many things about womanhood. That hiding her name, to me feels like I'm hiding who she is,was and can be to you all. Since you don't know her either. Well that person  that I met through Samoana Matagi who  was suffering from breast cancer & exactly a week ago today she passed away. Her name is Tu'uali'i Faleafaga Enosa survived by her daughter Katelin & husband Papu Enosa.

That's her and Katelin in that lovely photo.
Like I said I was able to attend her services.

As I sat to listen to all the testimonies born about her life through family & friends. Through each one of them, it was evident that who I met 12 days ago. Was exactly who Tua was in healtier days prior. A loving, fun, giving, compassionate, bold, service oriented, Christlike daughter of God. Everything was given from her heart merely to uplift all that came in contact with her. The entire meeting I kept thinking, "Man I wish I could've known her" followed by an instant "But man am I happy I got to serve her at least once before her passing." And hear her whisper back to me; "Love you too" The only time I would hear her speak as we said our goodbyes that first visit and to find out that following Sunday she had passed away. A choice spirit she is and the impact she's left with me, will never be forgotten. ;)

As the services ended  one of the Bishops shared a letter Tua wrote to her family. As the pianist played "Families can be together forever" her testimony replaced the lyrics. And there were no fighting back the tears. I felt her plea to a struggling spouse to seal her to them. Especially because Katelin is her only child, I felt the burning testimony of a convert that didn't know how to quit on God no matter the struggle, I witnessed that she truly knew the power of the Atonement. Not only did it heal her physically but everything else. Because of Tua I know even more fully, what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. And nothing else matters at the end but that we love,forgive and fight the good fight & don't give up. This taking a whole new meaning in me. Eternal Love is about families being together forever.. Forever grateful for her amazing,enduring love & heart.


  1. Hi O..the funny thing is, when I read ur blog about Susie, I thought of Tua! You would have loved to have known her, she was as great as her daughter & others testified of that day! She will be dearly missed in our ward. My heart still aches for her beautiful daughter & hope that she can one day be sealed to her beautiful mother. We were privileged to have Katelin be a part of our dance group last year & she in every way emulates her mother thus far! I was a wreck when we left the funeral..weird but, yes I couldn't hold back tears even after leaving..:(

  2. Not weird at all about the tears sis.. I can only imagine what all you mothers were feeling that day. Cause from a single sister's point of view it was pretty heart wrenching. To hear everything from the minute we got there til we left the luncheon. And like I said that letter just tore me up. But I know like you mentioned through Katelin we have the opportunity to see Tua's testimony live strong. And I think I remember seeing that pic of her in the dance group. You handle that Mz Laie teach them next generators how to put on the dance floor.. :) good insight sis love you


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