Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling Rejected

Today Whitney Houston was laid to rest, a good friend's boyfriend was baptized and I spent the first half the day with family. We watched Whitney's funeral services in awe of the spirit that was there. I didn't know this woman personally. However the power behind the music & testimonies that beamed out of that Baptist Church proved alot.

For instance beginning with someone who said I believe it was either Tyler Perry or Kevin Costner. And most likely I may be wrong but I'll leave that up to you guys to correct. Anyhow they said "The grace that brought her into this world, is the same grace that took her home." And that reminded me of a saying I stumbled over while watching "Man on the Ledge".. I came into this world innoncent and I plan to leave this world innoncent. Which I assume was what she might've been saying through the many testimonies that were shared today.

So while reflecting on those sayings, this past week's experiences & what's ahead of us. I can't help but be grateful & to keep proclaiming how grateful I am for life. Not just for life but the life I am choosing to put into it. Because I'm finally getting why I am here. Where I'm going and how to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the journey just like my sister Dawn Taufui would counsel, when I'd get bent out of shape about things.

Well every step that I made this week has strengthen me and has put me in my place. I've recognize that through my blogging and internet yes there is such a thing :) I just made it But yeah through those avenues, I'm getting the bigger picture.. I understand that rejections hurts like hell.. But it is necessary so I can retain humility. I understand that loneliness is a given. Especially when standing for truth and righteousness. I'm learning that their is always a good way to saying or presenting things, without being on the  defensive, doubtful and angered when ppl don't agree. Because in the end when the spirit carries that message and the receiver is in tune. I understand miracles happen.

But through everything, I'm face with today, at this very second. I understand that allowing "God to work on me" is a must in order to feel newness that can renew someone else's faith. I understand people need love. And I have to love them no matter what, because it's what God would have me do.. And because God is love, I have to forget myself every second,minute and hour of the day. That's how I put life back into my life to fullfill his purpose. There is no other way. But through his son Jesus Christ. And when the battles and wars are won. I will be found on his side. Glorifying him in Heavenly Song now on earth & when I'm called back, encircled by his loving arms. Rejection then will be of no worry or issue.. That's whats on my heart and mind.. Through your testimony have you comitted to his cause of search & rescue? Are you givining vision to the unvisionaries of who suffer spiritual blindness, because they know not where to find Christ? Are you rescuing the rejected or are you just letting them pass through life alone, because you won't make time?What are you doing?

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