Friday, February 17, 2012

Get Over it! Overlandl!!!

As of lately we've been so busy and in my last five post I've been tryin to motivate others by my experiences. How to have a better relationship with God, retain a positive attitude and how to keep on keeping on esp when giving up would be so easy. Well today to expand on those post, I wanted to share my feelings about being a victum, survivor and

I know that we all get tested. And it doesn't mean if I overcome one test that's the end of it and I won't keep getting tested. There might be breaks in between those test. But most times they just flow non-stop like the oceans that make up our world. They may trickle in like a mid-April shower very gentle and refreshing. Other test might come in as  thunderous lightening that shock our hearts, like a sudden storm out of the twin cities.. The point is getting tested by opposition is life & how we react to it can make or break our character, relationships and future.

So my question is what part are you playing? Are you a victum,survivor or hero? Do you allow your circumstances to control you? Or do you control your circumstances by controlling your thoughts, that form your eventual reaction or actions. I've been brought to a rude awakening. Of just how much I need to improve in how I think.Not just when I'm going through my trials, but like that non-stop flow of the oceans.. I have to control how I think constantly.Thirty four years old and being a lot of negative things through the years .

 I've come to witness this much recently about myself. I can continue the next 30 plus years being that same negative person. Or I can take accountablity of my choices and be the hero that God says I am. With every relationship we have, when we are actively aware that we have a CHOICE to be a victum, survivor or hero. Then we are able to make better choices to empower self and others. Instead of breaking self and others down.. Pick your battles carefully or in other words, GET OVER IT!

The benefits of being a hero is that you don't make up excuses for your behavior. You act out by living a fuller life and not settling for laziness, grudges and fear. Your eternal perspective keeps you in check and you treat people the way they deserve. Instead of mistreating them because you CHOSE to settle for feeling like a victum & survivor. It goes back to that talk I aways refer to concerning choices.
 There's a good,better and best way of doing things. Click on this talk &GBB I relapse in my efforts because change isn't easy. But again the point is get over it by getting over yourself. And what better way then to serve because of love. Not just because we experience tests that annony us and want an easy out.
In reality because Christ never got a break and did everything to help us not to suffer so much or as he suffered when he was here. We really have no right to complain. But if you are a complainer. Have your moment then get over it. Quickly! by choosing the right & get over yourselves. Otherwise you not only end up serving Satan.You end up helping him win you over and the people you affect in your power of influence.Either your a victum,survivor or hero.. If your not a hero holla I'm here all day long to help.

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