Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Not You, It's Me :) lol

If it seems like I'm blogging alot, it's because I So grateful for my sis Teuila & husband Aisea for leaving their computer on while in Vegas. I abused my computer time towards the end of last year. Hence was the reason of my limited post. But like a fat kid who loves choc cookies of 3 dozen.. I can't help but feed you all my thoughts.. So enjoy yourselves :)

I wanna say a month ago over facebook  I was added to this group. Friends from Provo out to help singles to mingle in hopes to get people dating. Introducing klub143 click on the link if you wanna add yourselves. Or know of people that want to be added or could benefit from being added. Like I've mentioned before.
 I do my best to constantly keep on the ball of self-improvement. So since I've tried the singles ward, family wards, hookups through friends, a short-term of online dating aka stalking lol.. I've resolved to the fact that finding my "soul mate" or my "eternal companion" isn't in the cards for me.
At least not right now & I can't say I'm "Superdupa Take me to Disney World I wanna meet prince charming kind of happy." Not at all but I'm ok with my singleness.

And through klub 143 I've been able to come across this link. and had to laugh at the title
"It's not you it's your technique" because I totally know that I've been prone to get in my own way. When it's come to dating.. I either give to much, give to much to the wrong guy or just am closed off to the ones that are totally dateable. But in my heart I push them off because I just don't feel that
"spark" or "chemistry" anyway point is I'm grateful to be single. But am hopeful to graduate from this phaze soon.
And in the meantime from clubs & links like the above mention, I welcome the continual preparation stage. Til my man decides to show up. When he arrives I will be ready :) and that's such an empowering sense of change from my usual "Where the heo is this guy, he's gonna get it."lol Yeah I'm samoan but at least not as crazy as before.. :) hmmm food for thought. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER SEEK IT, RETAIN & SHARE IT!

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