Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lead From the Front

"Lead from the front not front from the back" was a simple counsel given by President Kaufusi when I attended SLC 2nd YSA Ward. Just nudging at the priesthood holders that they need to realize their potential, the power in which they've been entrusted to hold, in order to bless the lives of all man kind.. I bring it up today because of the opportunity I was given this morning. While in attendance of our Church worldwide training this story & video was shared. Check it out..

During the meeting I was trying really hard to fight back my tears for a couple of reasons. But one obvious reason is this guy,our earth angel King Tui.. Our youngest brother Tui who has the same condition as Dayton. Hit close to home and naturally would cause a tug to my heart.
I mentioned to one of my Mapu relatives that I don't feel that tears are a sign of weakness at all. But being called to relief society, dealing with family and on top of that being more active in our choir-Divine Heritage Choir.
My life seems to consist of days spent meeting,meeting and mo'meetings. But with that comes a whole lot of crying. Good crying & the crying of refinement. So you can understand or at least see why I would attempt to fight back the tears this morning when watching this story.
Well just to report what you already know. I totally failed and I kinda blame our presidency lol Cuz it was "Waterfalls of tears" any and everywhere you turned.
Poor Brother Birrell our counselor in the Bishopric was sitting by me & I could only imagine what he was

Anyway this isn't a blog about tears and crying. When should we cry and etc etc on that subject matter. But this is about what I learned from the meeting & "Dayton's Story".
Which is that God loves us.. Did you know that? Do you know that? He loves us and so through other people he answers our prayers. Spencer was an answer to Dayton's parents prayers. Of providing a friend that went beyond the call of duty & friendship to express genuine love for their son. Children are the answer to unoffered prayers by parents that have lost faith in Christ. Motivating them to get reactivated into finding their place in God's plan. And you are an answer to someones pleaing prayer for love. Or a unprayed prayer of providing love to those who didn't even realize they yearned for something so necessary.

So my point is this take the time to rescue someone rather than seeking to be rescue. In doing so you forget yourself & that service you render ends up returning just what you need. Even & especially when you thought you weren't needing anything. Who's the "Dayton" in your life that you could be serving? And if your "Dayton" are you allowing people the opportunity to serve you. If not, why not? If so, great job!

We all have disabilities of some sort. Phyical,Emotional,Mental and especially Spiritual. But it's my firm knowledge of God that gives me the belief that he can turn our & your disabilities, into capabilities, if you offer your humility by showing your avaliablity with him
everything becomes a possibility fullfilled. Let him into your heart to move your feet :)

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