Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love is a Daily Choice

My only struggle this Valentines was the fact that I've had so much to write about concerning the last 24 hrs. That I haven't been able to formulate the exact words to express myself. But I  have to say my Vday was just as amazing as my Pre-Vday. All because I didn't mopp around feeling sorry for myself. I kept a positive attitude through the day & got moving early. I gave without seeking to gain. And yet I still received more than I deserved.

Through Samoana I had the opportunity to  make new friends today. One in whom I met was this extraordainary  woman, let's call her Susie for identity sake.  A blessing to have spent a couple of hours with  this choice daughter of God. I was taken back by her presence for a few reasons. One, I've never been by anyone, other than King Tui who would be expected to  die. And yet here I was in the mist of a woman that I didn't even know or have ever met prior. And except the facts that we share a love for the Gospel & Sam's friendship as a mutual connection. Surprisingly to them it didn't feel ackward at all. Even without Sam being present as middle man.
I knew why I was there and Tuali'i seem to be alright, welcoming me in with her quiet  dignity, eyes of strength, that seem to have so much to say. But observant to her surroundings she layed quietly. Her unbreakable will power shined. Allowing people to serve her was an eye-opener of humility. She is dying from breast cancer & she's only the 2nd person I've ever met with this illness.  But being in her company its evident she's gonna fight til her last breathe. 

Since hearing her circumstance & a few unsettling details. I know I needed this visit just as much as Susie. So I can witness sorrow, determination to overcome trials and how to better prepare being a spouse, steadfast one at that & to value every second of the day. I asked sam if I could go alone to get a feel of her personality. But the great thing about my time with susie was she wasn't alone. 
Assuming she had no one by her side to offer support. But I was happily mistaken.

No more than five minutes to sitting down. Visitors began pour through. The constant doorbell rings of visitors that stopped over. With Valentine gifts, flowers, Manu Samoa Rugby blankets and conversations to fill her day. That I came to see that susie is loved because she choose during her healthy days to love. And I was honored to learn that lesson again through her, her daughter Kay and family.. It's my testimony that she's going to survive. No if, ands ,ors about it.. But if lol and only if the Lord sees fit, that she returns to him soon. Through kay her only child susie will live on & all of us that have been able to be touched by this angel aka Susie. We are better human beings because of her Christlike example. We are whole :)

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