Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love without Care

I just got back from our fireside at the Joseph Smith Blding. But before I report on what I learned there. I want to testify about what I learned from our sister Dauna Bates. She was a non-member while she sang in our  Divine Heritage Choir. Back in 2007 I think? Anyway she has always been such a fire cracker of someone with massive energy, positive thinking and acceptance. And she always I mean always testifies with love. She gives a mean hug for a palagi.. :) must be the hidden samoan in her :)

If you could meet her you wouldn't be able to resist her love.
Well she sang amazing grace as a solo today. And she pretty much challenged us to love everyone. Nothing new right?We should be doing that already as members?

 Well what I got from her testimony is to love without care. Meaning if your gonna love don't let others limit your. Don't care about other peoples opinions. Of why you love the way you do in expression & why you love the people you do. Dauna pretty much was blunt about. Love even if people are unlovable and choose to reject your love. Spoken like a true sister missionary our dauna.. :)

 She shared how when she use to work for Pioneer Hospital.. There were a few people that gave up hope on themselves and in general on life. So with all the charity of heart that our sister has in her. During these long shifts when needed. She would sing to her patients. Small & simple ways of helping people gain peace & hope.

 So with that I pose a few questions. Who are you serving in your own lives? Are you waiting to be served? Do you feel entitled that you need to be served, because you've done X Y and Z on your life list of accomplishments? Do you dare feel that God actually owes you something?

 And if you don't believe in God. Do you feel that everyone you encounter, owes you back for what you've give them? Is that how you think life should be lived? Is your life motto the following? I do just enough for people. And I  refuse to go out of my way for them because it's every man for himself.
And if someone has a problem with my attitude. Then HELLLO! That's their problem not mine. It's my life, my time and they'll just have to get by on their own or through someone else.
Are you that person?

Cause ignorantly, if your that willing to give someone else the blessings that Heavenly Father is trying to give you. YES I'm talking to YOU! If  that's really how you think?? Wow!
 I pity the fool. And yes I said fool. Because only a fool would purposely blind themselves to why we're here. Why we were created.  Which is not to serve ourselves but be willing to serve God's children.
Which is to be  "His Hands" on this earth.One of my favorite choir songs that we sing.
Here's a line;

"My hands are the lord's hands without me
how could his work be done?"

To hear the rest or get the lyrics join our choir. :) Dauna did and look at her now. She's an active member heading to serve a full-time mission. Out to be our Lord's hands.. We were just a stepping stone for her to acknowledge who she is which is a Child of God. We did the easy part by opening our mouths in testifying through music. She's the one who did all the work. To get converted and catch the fire of the covenant.

Which brings me to what I learned from our fireside tonight.
Our keynote speaker once again was my dear friend Samoana Matagi. The same one who testified two weeks ago at my ward. This is who I see Sam as
A goofy, spirited, strong missionary
But because of his accident back in 2010
this is what people would see today in meeting Sam for the first time.
The same goofy, spirited strong missionary but this time without his hands.
And tonight as he testified about his mom not being a quitter through having to battle dialysis.
His brother Fatu losing his arm in a similar way that almost killed him. A few years before sam's accident..
Then dealing with his father going in & out of the jail system. But a man that never quit on keeping his testimony of God going. Determined to keep on building his relationship with our Father despite his circumstance. 
 Then Sam's own personal road of opposition, through his own story that he lives to overcome everyday.

All I kept thinking was
we who have all our limbs, who aren't suffering from mental, emotional & physical conditions.
 How could we be so selfish in standing still in our service to God? How can we be so selfish in thinking we have it so badd? When others like sam and his family endure these types of experiences.
 How can we dare feel sorry for ourselves? And then I remember this;
 What's easy for me isn't gonna be easy for someone else.. And vice versa. So just because I'm full throttle on living the Gospel because I know that God loves me. Doesn't mean it's easy for the next person to feel as passionate or has the strength to fight to gain that desire..
 And so Sam went onto say "I vow to all of you tonight that I'M NOT GONNA QUIT, I'M NEVER GONNA QUIT THE GOSPEL."  And that moved me, had me thinking to myself. Why should any of us quit on ourselves when we choose the Lord? When we're on the winning team? When everyday through someone, in your life God is trying to answer your prayer of
"Heavenly Father I can't do this anymore,"
Heavenly Father I'm tired of this life take this pain away from me,"
Heavenly Father no one loves me or understands what I'm going through
I don't mean nothing and I am nothing!"

Are you listening to his voice or your own?
And if you hear him, why aren't you moving towards his light instead of remaining in the dark?

Well Sam concluded on that note of DON'T YOU BE A QUITTER CUZ HE SURE WON'T & it strengthen me with more hope. That as he challenged us to not quit in life and in living the Gospel.
 Prior to our fireside in meeting with Sam & what I hope you all will learn. That what I was trying to get across to him. Is that he's more than his hands. His old hands and current hands for that matter. Which maybe didn't need to be addressed. But I felt strongly had to be. And in challenging him to see the vital reason he is needed in our choir. 
 Is to remind us with clarity. Not to take for granted what we have

"If you really knew God & that he loves you, then you would never flinch in the eye of opposition and trial." Til my last breathe all will know they belong with Heavenly Father!
What are you doing to gain that knowledge
that you are Gods Sons & Daughters?

The Priesthood
Our Testimony through song & spoken word
and the ability to assist the Spirit
to bring broken souls back to Christ
that through his atonement they can be made whole again. 

In sam's case it was and will never be about having him participate in our choir. So he can be constantly expose to the public, for his current hands because their different from ours. Or to get more people to attend choir or to increase our fireside numbers. Because his current bodily limbs are so evident to the naked eye. NO! that's not at all the objective that I have. The point again is to prove the value of everyone isn't about  what appears on the outside. For you who are reading. It's much more than that its about you knowing, you are more then what you limit and allow yourselves in seeing of yourselves. Your best selves that your unstoppable if you, again allow yourselves in being.
  To stress that sam like all of us are more then just specs of dust filling a space on this earth. Checking off things on a to do list just to get by. We are the literal children of God.
Given the purpose to reach out and rescue his lost children.
And just like the counsel of the President of LDSBC said last night and echoing sam's testimony. I too will NEVER QUIT LIVING FOR GOD OR inviting people like sam to choir *hint hint sam* until everyone will learn


  1. wow love this post sis, very powerful! and inspirational. thank you for sharing and for the awesome reminder. much ofas

  2. Thanks leeks! It means alot that I get feed back from my blogging aiga.. :) I need it.. Hope paradise & the new job is keeping you happy & not just busy.. Love ya :)

  3. "If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!mawaddainternationalaid

    1. Your right red so lmk how I can assist.


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