Friday, February 10, 2012

Sisterly Luv

So I'm going to sound like a broken record to most of you. Especially if you keep up with my blogs. But hey your just gonna have to deal with it. Or hit next blog if you get And no this isn't about "Angry Birdie Bird" *scene three.. At 3:23 am in the morning. Even for me that's too early to be angry.. Nope today is my sister Teuila Tinatasi Afo Vainuku's birthday. And I just wanted to blog about how special she is to me.. As most of you know she's my only full-blooded baby sister. To most people she is known as a opinionated, strong willed, I will tell you where to stuff it! If you mess with people I love type of sister.

But the side I love about teuila that most people if they take offense to her opinions or approach, don't like to focus on is that she is the most loyal, loving, protective, serviced willed sister,daughter,wife and amazing mother you will ever meet. She may have a hot head that triggers her fast tongue to defend. But the thing about teuila is that all of her battles with people are motivated because she loves big. The only difference between her & I is that I hide my in other words I'm passive aggressive & she's not.. Anyway point is even on the days that we aren't getting along. I know that I'm only as strong as I am today because of the strength teuila is to me & our family. So on her special day I dedicate this blog as a birthday post for my baby sister. Happy Birthday!

Mushy much? For sure I know no better way :) This was a song we lipsync as kids.. ooooh gloria :) st george dayz :)

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