Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've been told countless times before that I wear my heart on my sleeve. Which depending on the experience, sometimes it's a good thing and at most times not so good. Because I'm that much more vunerable at getting hurt. And yet even after the fact, I can say I really don't mind. Only because through those moments, I'm drawn closer to God. Which then allows me to also wear my faith willingly side by side my heart. Today my faith was tested but rather than getting all into that with endless details.

 I am a little sadden by the news I received about my new found friend Susie. Remember the one who was battling breast cancer that I blogged about recently? While our choir Divine Heritage was in Alpine Utah testifying through music for Elder Blake Mckenzie's mission homecoming sacrament.  Unknowingly to us, I had a sitting msg awaiting me stating Susie passed away.

 Remember I didn't know her that long, less then a week to be exact. Met her Monday, had a few of the DH sisters sing for her thursday and was suppose to go over there tonight. And things had changed in a blink of an eye, causing us to reschedule. On our way back from Alpine I didn't know anything & was thinking "Kay pace yourself don't let Satan win."
And then when I caught word about Susie passing. A simliar  thought crossed my mind "Kay pace yourself don't overextend." In other words don't be overbaring.. Which is a battle that's been a constant annoyance.. Anyway Satan keeps manifesting himself to me more and more everyday. As I do what it takes to keep on the Lord's side and help all in whom I love to stay with him. I'm grateful for people like Susie that I will always rely on for spiritual strength. More motivated to lengthen my stride in God's service like it's my last second on earth. There is no time to be a mediocre saint. Time isn't on our side and living as if we're on a timeless probationary state is foolish. A little sadden but still standing.


  1. Time is always of the essence, isn't it?! Keep trucking sister don't let Satan get the best of u..Coming from someone who is bff's with't do it! Tell him to "HIT DA ROAD"
    The passing of a person whether you've known them for long or not is always hard. Our ward lost a sweet angel on Sunday as well. Our primary pres lost her battle to cancer! What a great spirit she was!

  2. Sis your right on the money and it's that same angel that this post is for :) Thanks for the holla back love you


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