Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Faced

Are you two faced? Do you hide what your thinking, feeling and have to say? Are you two faced? I'd have to say yes I am. Over things I feel will help keep people from getting hurt in the long run. Is it a good thing? I use to think it wasn't.. And the first time I heard the phrase I was in 6th grade. Living in Gardena, California and back then they'd have us line up in our grade. Then our teachers would come out & get us. Everyone always wanted to be in the front of the line. And on this particular day I  was first & my meauli friend standing by would never get a chance to be first. So I noticed and let her cut in front of me. Then another friend or now that I look back "so called friend" blurted out "your so two faced".. Obviously upset that I didn't offer her the spot. And I remember tearying up because one I knew what she said wasn't nice. To make matters worse, I believed what she had said about me. Her argument for the rude comment. Well the day before I had complained, about this same  meauli friend being rude to someone else we were playing against. And today I let her cut in line was her defense. Well of course I got over it but everytime I hear that phrase. I often relive that experience.

Which had me thinking again; "Are you ______ (insert name) two faced? The only time I feel it's appropriate is when anger is invovled. And a person's emotional outburst is delayed til they can think straight & react more sanely rather than insanely.. :) Well I've been going through somethings and this topic popped into my mind. And I don't usually do conversational blog post. But I thought this would be a perfect one to get you alls feedback. So please post comments & lets discuss this issue.

Why do you think people are two-faced about who they are in a society that isn't worth keeping up with unless their building people up? School me  Fellow bloggers :) I was watching VH1 soul and was busting up at this video.. Music we grew up on :)


  1. LOL!! Its hard to be two faced when you come from our Blood Line. hahaha Majority of all the women in our family happen to be way too Blunt and carefree when it comes to a lot of things. Sometimes I wonder if its a good thing or maybe sometimes we should be Two-Faced. I don't know if its being two-faced to hold inside our feelings to not cause the other any MODED moments. LoL Love you cousin

  2. hahaha your right sis about us being straight fwd. It's just lately with alot of my relationships its been my downfall. Where I thought I was helping it came off that I was hurting certain individuals. So you said exactly what I was feeling. Just tryna get as many opinions as possible. Cause it sucks to feel like I'm losing my passion to helping ppl, because i'm misunderstood for my actions.. thanks again sis I love you

  3. Personally I don't think your two-faced, sis. I have never felt your intentions come from a negative place. You can't please everyone, I've slowly learned this, but you can push your greatest effort forward and try your best:) Service comes from the heart, big or small and serves a eternal purpose. I hope this helps, luv.

  4. lol thanks caroline.. I know that the notion "two face" usually is a negative one. And I appreciate you knowing all that I do does come from my heart. I wouldn't want to have it any other than that perception of me. I don't want to be taken as a victum for venting this issue. Because I'm not a victum by these experiences. I guess I just needed to vent.. thanks sisters.. Love you guys.. carol c'mon keep writing.. :)


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