Friday, March 2, 2012

Complain So'o

Have you ever had one of them days or weeks when you feel all that you've done is complain, complain, complain? Even if you didn't do it out loud? Well in thinking about this topic and whether or not I would post it. I looked over some of my last post & this week's past events. And I could detect at least once in each instant, that I was on that complaining kick. Complain so'o means; complain too much in samoan.
And to get off that trip, I wanted to re-blog about what I'm grateful for & why.

Yesterday I got to spend some time with my sister Edna Aiono. We're in the same choir so it's very easy for us to complain about everything. When we get frustrated with friends, choir members & family. But yesterday rather than focusing, so much on that aspect of our lives. The sources that can cause one to complain. We were able to recount our blessings & look on the happier side of things.. For instance the fact that we were and still are being raised by expectionally strong mothers, blessing of seeing people converted & reconverted to the gospel & living more cautious of what makes us happy. Rather than trying to please everyone else & ending up on an emotional breakdown by the end of our trials. And we all know women hate to be on that ride, especially when things have to get done. So our conversation reminded me of this movie I finally got to see.

Good deeds & though for me it dragged here and there. The cast was awesome and the story line hit home. Reminding me that even when I get into the rut of "Complaining So'o" the only way out of being self-centered about our problems is to serve. But not service rendered to get praise,reward or recognition. No! but to serve because it's the right thing to do & that it comes second nature to a person. My favorite line in the movie is when Tyler Perry's character Wes Deeds  doesn't recognize all the good he does for others. And the leading lady says to him "You need to go and find what makes you happy, BECAUSE YOU HAVE A GOOD HEART."
That part of having a good heart hit me. Because in the middle of all the moving & shaking we all do in our own individual lives. When people hit our nerves or test our patience. I don't believe we ever take a minute to recognize, how good of heart we have. Or in other words that you have! I know without the people in my life, my heart wouldn't be has good, if they weren't in it. So here's to you! For all that you do for me & the people in your individual lives. Thank you for your good deeds & not turning away the opportunity to serve. Especially when you've been called. Whether anyone has seen your efforts or not. And though it might not be as rewarding, especially when you need validation or a gesture of appreciation. Now and again. Thank you! It is my firm belief God sees all your Good Deeds. So keep on keeping on & don't allow yourself to Complain So'o..
Happy Good Deed Friday!

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