Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just Be

It's been a good day and tomorrow's going to be even better. As you all may remember me talking about my brother Tuau passing away back in 2008. Today was his 4year anniversary since he's left us. And while I was attending our sister Carol's dad's funeral today. I couldn't help but think about him & take into account all the testimonies that were being born earlier. Remembering how far we've come without him & how much he is always missed.
 Also reminding me of what my sister carol mentioned,how when a parent passes away, there isn't any preparation that could prepare one for that pain. And I thought about my parents & about how much I love them. But how I need to improve in communicating that in my actions & the way I live my life. At the burial the day was beautifully calm, bright sunrays and just a touch of spring in the air. It felt good to have warmth all around us.

I was able to spend time with one of my favorite sisters Mz. Tirae, Tirae's husband Matt,Sela Tavia,Penny,Carol and our homie Nuku after the funeral. Tirae is one of my sisters that knows me inside out. And one that I can be around and just let everything out & get my mind right. Especially when I need it the most. And today was one of those days. I am so grateful that through people like her I can redirect how I do things. And become my best in all that I'm after. Especially with leading a life with more pure intent & to just stop overthinking everything. Today my best advice from her was to "Just Be."

Just Be-Happy, Just Be-Patient, Just Be-Open... There was much more but if I list it all. You all might think I'm crazier than you already I am grateful for this day and the opportunity to remember my decease love ones & to live more to appreciate the love ones that are still alive. I am grateful

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