Saturday, March 24, 2012

Liebster Who? lol

So this blog is gonna be a quick one for two reasons.. One I'm trying to transfer positive vibes to all you readers :) and two I need to log off to finish my relief society center pieces. I'm far from being a homemaker.. So this assignment needs to be done by tuesday for our RS Birthday but of course I love to wait down to the wire to finally get'em completed. Anyway Liebster isn't a meal choice off of a menu or a diease of sorts. But instead of going into "Ova's super detailed" definition's. I'll let leeks one of my blogging sistrens explain it to you. Who dubbed me the award & has passed the baton for me to award a few of my people. Which would be my pleasure! So take it away leeks and thank you for sharing :)

From my understanding, "liebster" is the German word for "darling" and is exactly what this award is for-- darling people in this bloggy blog world.
The Rules

1. Thank the person{s} who awarded you

2. Post these simple rules

3. Post a photo and eleven random, liebster things about yourself

4. Tag eleven other random, liebster bloggers

11 Random Liebster Facts About Me

1. I can't deal with people that attention seek or try to play victim because their having a pity party. Drives me nuts.. If I detect it's not genuine pain, I have zero charity.. So mean huh?
2. I love trying new things all the time esp if I know it'll make me a better person.
3. Though I've sang with our Divine Heritage Choir for 11 yrs off and on. I shy away from doing solos all the time. (As our belated sister kaui sika would say, Ova no ack just belt it out already, mariah I'm not even close.. lol But you'd have to meet kaui to witness her funny ways..
4.I'm a sappy romantic fool and love the whole nine yards. Being treated like a princess,chick fliccks, cute old couples that show public affection. *meaning holding hands*lol
5. I fall in love with people who possess drive & passion for their goals & dreams. I am quick to be their cheerleader to see them accomplish whatever their after.
6. I miss my decease brother tuau afo everyday & when my baby brother tui is singing or laughing like a mad man I always feel that tuau is near.
7. I met Boyz II Men & made them throw up our worker's croo sign up lol
The cool guy to your far left :) goes "Hmmm we ain't gonna get shot are we? this isn't a gang sign?lol
Who says stuff like that anyway..
Must be all the red I'm
8. I love to go karaoke esp at karaoke cafe here in slc.
9.I just joined 24 hr fitness and I'm on top of the WOOORRLD..
10. I'm gonna write a book.. undecided of the subject though.
11. I'm addicted to the clean episodes of "New Girl" that cast is amazing..
Eleven Random Liebster Bloggers I'm tagging:
5.Jared Fano
6.Ashley Manumaleuna
7.Bernadine Levao
8.Caroline Ulugia
9.Mahe Clan
10.Manda's Promises
11.Losa Mapu

And honestly, just anyone who is reading this now and would like to participate, lol.
I would love to read and learn more about you :)
Have a happy, liebster weekend!


  1. love the liebster list sis :) #5 is my favorite! okay so i believe you are a great singer and would like to invite you over to sing for me at karaoke! i learned a lot about you in just one post! xo

  2. I think I've shared this with you before but in case I didn't here we go. I'm really no mariah carey this is how I'd sound but 100 times worse. No lie, I'm not being humble.. Now you and nokes on the other hand, you guys are the business with the karaoke talents. Hopefully one day I'll get front seats live performance from you two redraiders.. lol@learning alot about me in one post.. tmis for dayz I know but I just can't myself like cameron diaz in this vid..


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