Monday, March 19, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

This weekend was super busy but rewarding to say the least. Between family responsibilities, Relief Society and being apart of our Divine Heritage Choir life has been a great blessing.
Sill working out some kinks here and there but after last night, I've been able to gain a great perspective on human relationships & what I'm blessed with daily. Which is the reality that my life doesn't suck and things truly happen for good reasons.

He's waiting for you!
This past weekend was our DH Choir 2nd annual bootcamp. The purpose of why we started this was to strengthen our choir members & to build unity. The below flicc is of our 1st one last year.
2011 DH Bootcamp @ SLC 2nd YSA Ward
(Welcoming Night)

And these next flicks was 2012's turn out for our first
day bootcamp.

Was it discouraging because of the lack of numbers this year?
Honestly for me it wasn't discouraging at all. And the only reason was because we did our best, with who we had to work with & did our part to remain faithful that things would turn out.
And things did turn out because whether with 24 prior dh members in 2011 or 10 dh members this year. The people at the above center still felt the same spirit because we served with all our hearts.
So though we were few in capcity of choir members it was evident the Lord's purposes were fullfilled.

Then Sunday was topped off with our fireside "Perfect love Casteth out Fear." We pushed for this fireside because we've come to realize just how short life is & didn't want to miss the opportunity to serve our sister & former president Lisa Alaiasa.
This is a flicc of some of our old members visiting her about 2 wks ago. Lisa is whom I mentioned that her cancer has return & their saying they don't know how much time she has left.
Our fireside began in Murray,Utah with Niua  presiding/into our meeting, as our prelude we sang Sweet Forgiveness, Sita gave our opening prayer to set the night off with the right spirit. I am a child of God (DH style), Edna conducted and bore her testimony along the way. And the entire program was enriched by saints singing from their hearts. Old members that started this legacy, current members that fight to keep it alive and a mix of choir members sitting in the audience supporting our efforts.Solo's by Kelly Tufuga,Isaac Manutai,Kalani Hafoka,Lisa Alaiasa, Nora Aiono,Sina Aiono Ika,Doraleen and pianist Kawehi Sika.  Testimonies bore by Honoree Tauaalo, myself,Kalani Hafoka,Doraleen Levao (soon to be Taulanga)
Edna Aiono & Lisa Alaiasa closed by Emma Taufui in prayer.
Lisa being our main reason of bring together old and current members for a night. To express how much love we have for her. And the trial byway of this illness that she has to endure. Made for a humbling experience and reality that we need to support one another. Not only when death is at our doorstep but long before that when days are good.
 I love these choir members with all my heart.
And can't say enough about how they've help me in my life.
Especially to overcome my weaknesses & strengthening my talents into tools that I have used to become a stronger person.

Like our sister dauna bates said our last time together before she left
on her mission; "Once a Divine Heritage Member always a Divine Heritage Member." My prayer that these choir members realize not only was it not just about the music. But that we were brought together to support each other through life. So those who would fall off along the way would be reminded that There is forgiveness through repentance. And if anything, through this time we have with Lisa, that we didn't have with Bertha Samoa, Kaui Sika and Blu Tipeni. I would hope our members would start forgiving each other more full-heartedly and quickly. Because again saying sorry at anyones casket 
once their dead seems to have less affect to me. Than saying sorry while we still have the chance in this life. Hopefully this walk down memory lane will teach all of us that greater lesson.

Love my DH Aiga!


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