Friday, April 27, 2012

Perfect Crossover

Yesterday was the perfect day for me & I didn't even meet a boy or fall in Proving like what Julia Robert's character Liz passionately says in Eat,Pray,Love to her love interest. "I DON'T NEED TO LOVE YOU, TO PROVE I LOVE MYSELF." A very powerful statement that for me spoke volumes. For instance I know we need men. We need them to have children, to carry our burdens and to feel true happiness. To me that's God's plan. But in the world, the world would have us say arrogantly, "Who needs a man?" I don't! I'm Mrs.Independent & no man can do half of what I can do in one breathe. And though I feel that is true too :) Because I witness my own mom carry alot of burdens on her own. Along with many other strong women. I still feel as women, even if we can do everything. We need to WAKE UP, Just as much as men! It's ok to let men know we need them, that occassionaly with the million things we do in a span of 20minutes or less, we need them.. Otherwise we'll get burnt out & they'll never feel needed. Steve Harvey, my go to guy for love advice has said.. "If men don't feel their needed or see where they fit in your plan, they will go elsewhere."  Not that I am at all saying enable you some SCRUBS who don't do nothing. But whisper sweet nothings & think that's all they have to do. NO!!! You better tell them kind of men, to take a hike. What I'm saying is and  back to Julia Robert's quote I mentioned & what I got out of it. Was find the balance of needing a man but not needing him so much that your whole world falls apart. Only  should have that much control over you. ONLY GOD because he gave you everything & continues to do so. Even & especially when you don't deserve it. In my opinion.. Well yesterday reminded me that I can be happy all by myself. And when he, whoever he is :) comes along to add to my happiness. I will be prepared. I was REAWAKEN to the reality that happiness starts with me, in me not vice versa.. So that was my first perfect crossover into Self-Love & Appreciation for me.. Because here's the other reality sisters. If we don't fully love ourselves & the wrong guy does come along. You will foolishly let him have his way with you. Because you don't do what it takes to love you at your highest. So he can respect & provide the love you deserve. And it won't be completely his fault. It will be yours because you opt to have somebody, who could potentially be a nobody in order for you to have a body around to satisify you.. No bueno sisters.. that's just asking for awhole lot of mess & yrs of misery.

Then I had the opportunity to attend a Jazz Basketball Game here at home.. So grateful cause the invitation was from my best friend Doraleen Levao.. A group of our old choir members were going. I wanted to go so bad and not because you'd witness me, a devowed LAKER'S FAN crossover & become a Jazz NEVAH THAT :) But I had made a comittment to participate in a fundraising luau for our Molifua's. And we had a scheduled dance practice which my usual self, would've flaked & would've just did what I wanted. However I decline the tickets & tried to hookup my homie Samoana Matagi with them since I couldn't make it.  Which brought me to our "sacrifice & charity crossover." Sacrifice to be where I was needed to even though I wanted to be elsewhere. Then charity because even though I couldn't marvel in the blessing of attending this game. I knew someone else could benefit way more than me. And I felt good all the way up until, I get to dance practice & the girls had to leave early & the instructor got stuck somewhere.
 That then brought me to my 4 & 5th crossover "patience & forgiveness" for the instructor. Patience that though I thought one thing about why he didn't show, I redirected my thoughts & figured maybe he had another reason. Which naturally brought about feelings of forgive him. So I can move on & not dwell on how I could've went to the game  and didn't.. Even if it meant being my old self. Yes SELFISH.. but I'm glad I didn't go and don't get me wrong I complained. Of course I but it wasn't worth holding onto, complaining and so I let it go. :)

Well I ended out the night with my family, watching movies, discussing our sister Michelle Toa's getting married this weekend, which I will mention later. And  then baking yummy choc. chip cookies while I was facebook camping.. So before I go any further. This will be a two part blog because I don't want to lose any of you in my sharing due to the length of my message. (To be continued)

Perfect Crossover PT2

Chelle & I @ bro Rock's wedding
Michelle entered our lives I believe back in 2004 or 2005 maybe later. I'm not sure because its felt like she's been with us for awhile. Which is a great thing.
Well she was the first girl that Roy ever brought around us. So we knew she was someone special. Well for years they were off & on as a couple. Then right before she was pregnant with baby Rochelle. Michelle & I were roommates in Taylorsville,Utah. And I'd have to admit, I wasn't always the easiest person to get along with, esp when it came to my siblings. Whether they were right or wrong, being the naive older sister that I am. I would/and continue to always side with my siblings.. Who wouldn't?lol
Chelle's niece, my sisters Chelle & Uila @ our sister Tasha Afo's 30th Birthday

Anyway fastfwd to this "crossover change" today. Both Chelle & Roy have moved onto other people. And today Chelle is getting married to her boyfriend. And though it's a hard pill to swallow. I am happy for her & have learned that though we don't always understand all the whys of life.. Happiness  for our best interest can come in unexpected forms & through different people. And chelle may not be my sister-in-law. But she will always be my sister and not just because of our connection to our brother roy & my niece rochelle. But like they say of Christ. We love her because she first loved us. Never did she ever disrespect us and that says so much about what type of person she is to us. Wishing her nothing but the best of blessings for the rest of her life & beyond.
Chelle's wedding day w/our Afo Sisters
Candance,Dela & Tasha

So later on after all this news about Chelle getting married.
I got to chat to my other sis Mele "Dukes" Tidermann about missionary work in her old mission, sharing testimony with my sister Ane Tupea about enduring life & callings, even up to talking to one of the guys that I use to romantically be involved with during earlier days. I was able to communicate over facebook chat to catch up. He sharing with me that he has become worthy enough to serve a LDS mission & this weekend was his missioanry farewell.. Not even flinching, that he's going later in life than 19yrs old that usually go out. He will be in the "grandpa" category of serving in the field out in the east coast now that he's ready. What a blessing..

And it sparked my final "move on crossover" & how to not keep still in the circumstance we face daily. But no matter what life comes when we're able to learn, move & crossover to a better self of discovery of who's important & what is needed through all these crossovers.. Giving up is not an option.

So as I've been stating, there were many more crossovers experienced yesterday. And I'd like to label the following as the "crossover change." It rained so nicely last night, while we were baking cookies & just enjoying our separate forms of entertainment. Some watching tv & of course me camping online. And by letting go of what didn't happen at dance practice really prepared me for what was ahead. Current issues had risen, such as our family having to let go of Michelle Toa. The mother of our brother Roy's daughter, baby Rochelle..

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I was on the phone with my sister Crystal Ripley-Ainuu last week. Just standing outside my house enjoying the sun and laughing at our recent experiences.
And in the midst of clowning, my neighbors cute little spanish daughter ran over & gave me a sunflower.

 I'm a softy for flowers & have yet to witness a man give me But on that day from this cute little girl I was grateful.
Not only for the reminder that kids are the most caring creatures on earth. It also retaught me, what I learned on my mission about life.
Which is "be where your at and bloom" meaning don't try to rush away where your currently at in life. Because your tired of the area,people or the pain trials bring.
But to understand that if your not mindful, that there is a reason why you are where you.
You won't "bloom" just the way Heavenly Father intended you too.
In order for Heavenly Father to help water you in experiences, weed out your weaknesses & pour out blessings on the sunshine he's trying to lighten over your life.

We all want different things & tend to want them immediately without taking the time to smell the roses. That day my neighbor's daughter taught me to enjoy the journey & don't be so anxious to get to any particular destination. Because if I don't pay attention. I will miss the whole garden of possiblities that were along the way, trying to help me to witness the "Master Gardner" working, his green thumb in my life. I'm learning to better, let go & let God.. And it's truely amazing, how good he is to me..

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anger Management

If it's not obvious by now to all of you, I love writing. I've loved writing ever since I was a young girl. Remembering being introduced to "journaling" by my sister Rosie Afo. Taking what I learned from her and just running with it. Journaling since I was, hmmm 10 I believe.. Maybe even younger..
So when this concept of blogging came about it came natural to just do it.
I am grateful for the ability to write and even though there are alot of grammatical errors & misspelt words. I love this sense of escape, I gain from blogging. Which is and has always been my outlet to my anger issues. I've been talking a lot about this topic concerning anger because it's what I've been dealing with recently. It's what I'm taking a more proactive stand in curing & fixing.

So last week I mentioned that I'd be attending a weekly anger management class. Why? Why ova who's the most church attending, return missionary fullfilling, temple attending, I wanna save the world?Ova doing taking this class? Why would she need this to maintain her cool? What could she possibly be going through to make her go there? 
Well alot actually lol Which is besides the point.
Because what has dawn on me, is that my anger not only comes from pain & painful experiences felt in the past. That comes with life, right? No biggie.. Cause you can't know the sweet, without experiencing the bitter. You can't grow, without getting tested, through trials & opposition. And so what's the big deal? Well the big deal is that held in pain, eventually reverts into anger. And when that pain, turns into anger/rage, in some or all cases.The next thing that happens is that we lose control.
When your facing a breaking point. And it then you have to decide, What are you doing? How are you going to come to a solution?

  And I've come to that point, where I feel I am too grown, to continue this behavior of losing control, like some crazed teenager. And to me, that is partially what anger is to me, acting childish & losing self-control. Which is an all time, tell tell sign we (I,Ova) don't want to keep feeding. By running from my issues through "emotional outburts because I haven't trained myself to keep my cool.. Because when we are rejected or victimized by other peoples choices. We easily resolved to throw a fit, say cruel things & drag out grudges for days.
 To lose our self-control once again over meaningless moments..  Which would naturally escalate into more anger, knowing whether my point was completely right. In the end I was/am still wrong for acting out so poorly. Because I know better, we all do. When it comes to being so angry.. We cause our own misery by imprisoning ourselves with anger.
 And what an eye-opener, into a reality I knew about but wouldn't allow myself to be held accountable. Because I kept playing the "Blame Game" with thoughts like; "Well it's your fault I'm pissed you should've been there, You made me made cause you wouldn't see it from my point of view, It's your fault you think you know everything, I'm just trying to help you."
So this is a phaze of change.

And what was interesting about tonight's class was it reminded me of the saying "Act don't be acted upon." Meaning be assertive about how or what you are really feeling & don't be so uptight when  others don't meet my expectations." It's not realistic.
 We are all learning & just because I'm starting to become more self aware of what anger is & how to better cope with it. Doesn't mean the next person is gonna catch on as fast as I would like them too.
Bottom line is Anger kills, it stems from past pains. But can be cured by finding a purpose to repair, how one deals with that anger.
Whether it's openly noticed or hidden behind close doors. Anger benefits no one and is a learned habit that can be stopped. If you stop it yourself by getting educated, applying what you learned & teaching others..
So these classes have been good. I just need to keep on practing what I learned.Because change doesn't happen over night. But it never happens unless you keep doing & not just trying to improve on a weaknesses.. I would recommend fix,apply & teach others why it's important to let go of anger. The result of my journey through this experiment. Has lighten my spirit, I don't feel like I'm dragging along bricks of resentment,hate,envy etc on my back. And I'm able to  better  communicate with less anger. It feels good.. So try it.. Look for a listing of these type of classes in your area.  The Calm before the storm is what all of this is & smooth sailing from here on out.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Have you ever had a period in time when all you feel is a "spirit of ugly about yourself?"
Your attitude is ugly, the way you feel is ugly when you look at other people to you their Flipped onto you, while looking in the mirror, you knit pick at every form of yourself & think
"Ugggh Ugly,Ugly,Ugly."
Well that's how I've felt about myself in the last couple days. Especially within my spirit more than my outter appearance. Oh and I can't leave out especially when my anger hits the roof, spirals to any object in sight and SLAPS me right on the face. Saying something to the effect of

Well last night after going out with my sisters, Carol Ulugia,Tiare Scott, Sela Tukuafu and Kayleen Taulanga and venting my life away. I came to a couple of conclusions about myself. One I need to prioritize better and place the most important things first. And two, I need to loosen up about how I perceive my present circumstances. Thoughts kept flowing in non-stop once I came to those conclusions. .
For instance like "When people don't follow through on things, don't get disappointed, see what the lesson is, learn from it & move forward."
Meaning moving forward happily, not in a manner to plot out revenage or harm on that person. :)
Leading to my following thoughts;
"I can't control anyone but myself and so don't get upset when people are on their own schedules, I'm not their mother nor should I ever try to be at any time."
People are always going to do what they want to do. So nothing or no one can be forced to change.Because all they'll continue to do is flake out or not show up. With a bunch of lame excuses.
 Then todays thoughts, that graciously got me through my recent 
Was a needed thought, given by my friend John Siafega. Over facebook which read
"The most beautiful people are the most sensitive."
For such a long time in my life "sensitivity" has always been looked at as being weak or whiney." Kind of negative notion as to say "Stop being so sensitive, I was just joking. When in reality that joke had a lot of truth to it. And how a person was feeling or has been feeling. However didn't have the courage to say it straight forward. Because they didn't know how to approach you. So they in my opinion "cowardly" dressed it up in a joke.
Which is so dumb to me and why you rarely see me joke about people. Because I either tell them straight or I figure whatever was bothering me isn't worth holding onto & I let it go.

So as I was in my "Ugly state of mind,spirit & existence" in the last little while. That simple facebook status really helped me to start off this morning happier than I was yesterday.
Which just kicked off the rest of my day on a good note. By going to church, renewing my covenants and listening to the youth of our church speak in sacrament. Each one giving us hope that we are capable of making better choices if we but have faith in Christ, follow their order by the examples they've set for us & than take proper ACTION to constantly reconvert ourselves over and over and over again. Until the gospel is so ingrained in us, that our testimonies are so strong. That it becomes second natured to us like breathing. I'd have to say that simple status quote, really gave me the refresher I needed for this upcoming week. Reminding me that by being a good example to others, no matter how tired I may be I can't stop serving.. That service for us can be the ability to breathe life into others that are struggling a little more than we may be currently feeling. So that they can find hope in the trials they face. In order to helping ourselves we are better than equipped to helping them through the "Ugly Zone until we are all able to feel a full sense of joy."
I learned and will continue to relearn that it could be worse but will always get better, if only we but  allow ourselves that opportunity to smile through the rain. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Think Like A Man

I've been in a state of mind where all I wanna do is sleep. Sleep all day & night until I regain the strength that's felt as if it's been missing since this year has begun. So when I was able to get together with my two sisters, Carol Ulugia & Mea Kinkini last night.
 Especially after attending another funeral (six in total during the last 5 months).You can imagine how happy I was to get in some real needed sister bonding. Of good laughs,food & sistah conversation. Which is exactly what we did til the break of
Well remember a while ago, me blogging about Steve Harvey's book "Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man" ? A self-help book to assist women to increase their knowledge of the makings of a man. How they think etc,etc,etc. Well they turned it into a movie & aside from the swearing the movie hit the book right on the nail. And we got a good laugh & went over the pros & cons of certain men, reasons of our singlehood & how to prepare for future relationships.
Mea & I chilling @ SLC Temple

Tirae,Sela,Me & Carol
@Birthday Party
Which sparked off the subject of the "Cookie" & "90-day rule" from the book & movie. Now I don't hold back on anything thing concerning my opinion or my sense of expression. Not like I use to & this is why, if your thinking what I'm thinking, about what I mean when I say "Cookie" then your an adult. So keep reading. But if your gonna go into some panic attack or fall-out. Because you know what I'm getting to & hope I don't say it. Or label what the "Cookie" is because you still need some growing up to do. Then don't read the rest of this post. Because I can not, I repeat can't not! Be held responsible if you have a heart attack cause you cringe at the very sound of what "Cookie" really means. lol But for all you other adults that can handle..
Proceed and keep on reading.. :)

The "Cookie" is "Sex" and the "90 day Rule" is merely the amount of time Steve Harvey says "You should with hold the "Cookie" from the opposite gender. Describing it as the benefits that shouldn't just be given out to any ol'person. ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVEN'T EARNED THE RIGHT TO EVEN HOPE THAT THEY COULD GET THE "COOKIE."
Ideally if your a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the standard is to withhold the "Cookie Package" til your married & sealed in the temple. But this is not a Mary Poppins type of world & we don't live in a society that when people wanna be with each other. That it's always easy to with hold the "cookie" in the heat of the moment.

So because the standard is set like that for members of the church. I would say if you've given your "cookie" or you continue to give your "cookies" away without restrain. But you want to work towards controlling the strong emotions & actions you and your partner share. So you can renew your covenants again. In order to one day enter the temple of the Lord & be sealed to your family.
 I'd have to say it's totally possible and that you can do it. Starting with talking to your Bishop, setting goals as a couple & start again.
No matter how many times you have to start over. I would strongly suggest to keep at it until you attain your goal.
If you really love the person your giving your "cookie" away to they will be worth the work.
If your not religious or a member of the church & still can't understand why people leave you once they get the "cookie".. My very own personal opinion is that they leave because you made it too easy for them to get the "cookie" and I'm pretty sure because you didn't value yourself to have them wait. They took notice at that & didn't value that you would be worth waiting for & so they left. And that's not good at all...
Reminds me of a quote
"Just because you made ONE wrong choice
doesn't mean you can't make the next ONES RIGHT."
The following music video hopefully opens your eyes to what's really worth your time. In whatever phase you find yourself  the hope is that you start valuing yourself more. In order for others to follow suit. Especially if your a woman out to finding the significant other. May you all find & keep the one that proves to you that your Sex ain't better than your Love.. :)
Eternal Love if that be your final goal.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Everyday we're given gifts in order to progress. Since the day we were born through people, offered prayers by others and even just prayers we personally give out. Why are we given gifts? Because God loves us. Why does he love us? Because he's our Father, our Creator and designed us in a way that we could receive gifts. So one day we can be exactly like him. An all- knowing, all-powerful and all-loving image of him. And then he expects us to turn around & educate others with the gifts we've been given. In order for them to find and cultivate their own.
So of course I love to receive gifts of the spirit, I love tangible gifts from my friends & family & I especially love gifts if their any type of foods. (hint hint I love sushi or chantilly cake from Zippys or is it made from Teds Bakery in Hawaii?) I blame my obession for the flavor for my food coma. The cause of how I got my memory relapse of what exact location makes that delicious

Anyway so lately people seem to be getting annonyed when I try to encourage them (but they translate it as being pushy) to share their gifts. To share their talents with us who don't have their specific gift. Which most often is their natural ability to sing. While I struggle to even get a melody on my own with one song or any song for that matter. Well that's where my frustration with these remarkable singers, stems from when they don't sing upon "Ova's Request" :) in case you all were And why I "encourage" when oft times it is communicated in "pushing" people to share.

So back to the story at hand hehe  I challenged one of my friends that I love to write poems with John Siafega, to sing my most recent favorite song by Boyz II Men. Never Go Away..solo.. Even went as far as to try to get his friends & family to click "likes" on his facebook status to motivate him to do the song solo. 
Well long story short he was modest about his abilities. Which is normal because he's shy & humble about his talent. And that's fine, I get that about singers. But what drives me up the wall is when they add people to sing with them.
When one- if I would've wanted others to sing with them in my original request. I would've said hey you & so & so should sing this & I would've been done with it. Sounds blunt? Maybe in brash? But when I get into this mode of "encouraging." I can gurantee I have the other persons feelings as high priority. Aside from anything else but I also have a vision of why I ask them in the first place to sing at certain times for certain people. Which will be discussed later :)

 And the only reason I'm making this an issue is because to point out to my dear friend John & all of you that I love. I feel that its time to STOP HIDING YOUR TALENTS esp BEHIND OTHERS! Either because you don't wanna out shine them or you don't believe enough in your own shine. Which I know John doesn't suffer from either of those senerios.But if he did I would say STOP!  And what I perceive from John, he really is the type that would make it a team effort. Turning my request from solo to a group experience. Because he's not a Beyonce on "Dream Gurls" I'm going solo type so forget everyone else. And I respect, especially since he doesn't see I in Team like others would.
Who knows what John will actually do with my  request. But this is what I know about myself. I get super up tight when I want things my way and don't get it. Who doesn't?lol You have a vision & you expect everyone to follow that vision to the the Tee, right?lol Or maybe that's just me :)

My blog post today is about witnessing this senerio of extra-ordainary people hiding their exceptional gifts. Cases I've had to witness in my life, one too many times than I would've ever wished for through some many people I know. Especially when it comes to singing, I've seen alot of people back into the shadows.
 Just cause they don't ever want to come off cocky. Which causes my annonyance to grow for them. Going back to gifts & talents are given to be shared. And so when I would die to sing half as good as John,Mycal,Edna esp my sisters the sugarhouse girls, Tirae or even our beloved Whitney Houston  but I can't, at least not yet.. Oh yes dear you can bet your bottom dollar! I proudly say I do get annonyed to the max. If you got it share it. So when people can sing & then shy away for no good reason to me. (Whitney doesn't count on that last remark cuz she kept her shine on til she died) That kind of behavior floors me. Like I mentioned previously I would never ask anyone I believe in to do something if I didn't think they could follow through and deliver.
 Now I know I'm totally ranting & sounding like wah wah wah. But here's the point or points I'm trying to make.

1.Talents weren't given to be hidden-SO USE THEM OR YO'GONNA LOSE'EM..

2.There's one thing about being humble & not wanting to out shine people. But if your intentions & heart are right than NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. If they feel intimidated or their fake praise of your abilities make you feel ackward. As if their fishing for compliments. BE REAL & let them know that their just as talented as you are for sure. But if they keep "fake praising" you then let them be. BUT BY ALL MEANS DON'T STOP YOUR SHINE!! JUST CAUSE THEY DON'T FULLY BELIEVE IN THEIR OWN SHINE! BE REAL!

3. Just SHARE your talent FREELY IS ALL I ask.. Whether your asked two weeks before to perform or on the spot. YOU HAVE GIFTS use it on a moments notice AND FORGET WHAT PEOPLE THINK..If your prepared you won't fear. SO BE PREPARED BEFORE YOUR ASKED & fear will NEVER win! When you do that than you prove to the giver of all the earth, that you appreciate his gifts & your adding onto what he's started in you. Not burying it so no one can see. If your motives are right your sharing your gifts will be seen as being right on point.

Moroni 10:8
8 And again, I exhort you, my brethren, that ye deny not the gifts of God, for they are many; and they come from the same God. And there are different ways that these gifts are administered; but it is the same God who worketh all in all; and they are given by the manifestations of the Spirit of God unto men, to profit them.

This next example is more about self-image & so I'll try to tie into gifts. I had a love one that I love with all my heart. Growing up in Polynesian shows we had to constantly keep ourselves up & make sure we didn't gain too much weight. This person was & to this day is flawless to me. Smarts,Beauty and a sense of humor that is infectious. So at the time I was smaller than this person  & my appetite wasn't as big as it is today lol. And so I would get full fast but this person wouldn't & because I loved  them so much. Without them ever asking, I would purposely keep eating until they were full. Which was the dumbest thing I could have done because I was enabling them to over-eat which turned into our excessive weight gain. But being the naive teenager that I was I didn't know any better. All I knew is I loved this person  & I didn't want them to feel bad or feel alone. Well my mom noticed & put some sense in my head & eventually things turned out.

My point in that story is by not sharing your talents. Whether it be singing,dancing,parenting, giving advice to someone who has everyone telling them what they want to hear & not what they need to hear. By doing that meaning keeping silent. Your doing more harm than good & your enabling them for continual failure & self-pity. So STOP & do what's right & by all means SHARE YOUR GIFTS & TALENTS.. You never know who you'll inspire.

What hidden gifts are you burying in the ground that could bless someone else today?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mid-Single Opinions

So my sisterfren Tati sent me the below link about Mid-singles discussing the "why's" of  why the church has grouped us into "young single adults" or "mid-single adult" wards. At first when I listend to the podcast. I like what they brought up because I've felt their feelings before. At least once or more during my young adult life. But with all of their discussion of the "why's" and saying "the leaders need to do A,B,C and D" options to make them feel more comfortable as single members. I was like whoa.. All I hear is a lot of complaining & not enough enduring. On the part of these young adults/midsingle adults. And I don't know these people & might be misjudging their opinions. Though I commend their efforts on putting this issue out. But I feel strongly that the leaders didn't kick us out of the young single adults to give up on us or that they didn't know what to do with us!! 
Nothing in this church is done by man alone. The direction is always FROM GOD because he has testified through prophets, that he would never allow men to lead us astray. NEVER 
So I know that men called of God wouldn't group us in these wards unless it was inspired by God. But what we as mid-singles need to do is put our lives in order, have faith in God that he will bring that spouse & stop complaining & be about action & not be complacent just because we're single. Faith is about moving forward especially when we haven't received the miracle we are seeking or eagerly awaiting. We can't get the results we're looking for if we're doing ineffective actions to getting the greatest gift we're wanting to attain.
Change your questions you change your life. Change your perspective to fit God's you obtain eternal life. It's all in the actions your taking & the heart of how you react to what God says that will matter at the end of the day. He didn't say it would be easy but he did say it would be worth it.

Click on this link  to check out the podcast on the discussion.

Back II Life

After a week of babysitting breaks, celebrating conference weekend with  @our lil sister Leta Fauolo
Asiata's wedding, plus alot of Relief Society activity prep & bonding with choir members. I was happy to have spent time with our Tagaloa family for easter. After my lil'handsome guy David Loimata Afo was blessed yesterday.
I babysit him & his older brother Rocky Mon-Fri from 8:30am til the late afternoon or when their papa Rocky Sr gets off. I've missed them. And in babysitting them esp David, I've found my eyes opened of how special & precious little kids are and can be. Even if they may drive me kookoo sometimes. I'm blessed that their teaching me alot about being more motherly & prepared for what's ahead :)

A family wedding has been long overdue. So it was nice to participate in Leta's & see her look super beautiful & happy.That's my younger sis Teuila & I with the beautiful bride. And then below us w/the rest of our cousins giving our Mapu side's traditional mea'lofas to the grooms side.

Sistah Kamie & I w/mean mugging
King Tui @the wedding :)

It was a happy evening followed by a night of dancing with my old Salt Lake 2nd Ward for conference weekend.
Which I got to spend with Sana & Mone Vakalahi downtown meeting up with the Finau Family. More pictures to follow :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daddy's Gurls

These are my boyz I babysit for
during the week w/Dad
I'm blessed and I really don't feel like I deserve it. From one of my favorite people in our ward, Mary Rapp constantly covering for me in Relief Society when I have choir or family obligations. To my sister Teuila & her husband Aisea spoiling our household with random "fast food" or  "dessert" splurges. And my roomies Mom & King Tui taking me where ever I need to go. Topped off with  a two-day visit from my dad. I am truely blessed.

My lil monsters bowling up the street

Catching up with dad these past two days has been hillarious. From him cracking jokes about my age to him planning my life away. In between all of the discussion on this and that concerning choices. I am so grateful that God gave me the parents that he did. And a father like mine :)

Dad & my lil'man Tavita
Loimata Afo

Lesson learned today; Parents make mistakes all the time & they drive us nuts allllll of the time. But like my sister Celeste Toutai said "There are no do overs, treat your parents right the first time." Something I'm still working hard at improving at everyday..

Monday, April 9, 2012

Besties Foreva!

Have you ever made this comment? "So and so (Fill in the blank )has so many best friends or makes everyone their best friend!" And they just barely Well since I was a kid I was that type of  person. Always wanting a lot of besties in my life.
Have I always been the  friend I'd constantly collect through my socializing? To be considered a "best friend" in other peoples circle of friends??"
Nope I haven't! But along the way, I've done my part to become a better "friend" so I can be considered a "best friend" to all sorts of people.. With alot of trial and error during this ongoing journey, but of course. :0)
 Well recently it's felt like I've lost & than regain alot of my best friends. Usually by miscommunication & a lack of  expressing it between other friends and I . Due to me being left in the "dark" about how my actions have rub them the wrong way. Or me in most cases not caring because I felt I was right & they were wrong. I get that from my pride :(
So my sermon today is lol jp.. Actually my feelings on the matter are, that I'm grateful for the miracle of forgiveness. And no matter what I have done. I'm so grateful to have these two, Edna & Tati that pull through for me..
Living it up @ Karaoke Cafe lol
Tatiana Skipps & Edna Aiono

That's us April 8th 2012 before going to Karaoke Cafe to sing our lives The day Edna & our sister Sina Ika got to go through the temple, to do baptisms for the dead. It was a beautiful Easter Eve morning that day @ the Bountiful Temple.
Anyway like I was saying about best friends. I'm especially grateful for these two because through all my flaws, annonyances and bluntness. They've stuck by my side, corrected me when I've done something out of context to what should've been done & they always understand that my intentions are never put forth to hurt anyone.
Unless your name is_____.. bahahaha jp
 I love making friends and turning them into my very best. And through these two I've learned that it's cool to make a zillion best friends. But it is really critical to keep the ones you have. And I love them ladies for being that example to me. They made  General Conference following Weekend a blast. Now that Tati is back in Sunny Cali having breakfast w/her potential "boo thang"lol And Edna is vacationing in good ol' Laie Hawaii to hopefully seranade a future "boo thang" island style.
I'm here in "bootah" content I can write this blogg about my bestest sistahs from another mistah. My earth angels fo'sho. This is us at the end of our night singing "Closing time" with a few other beautiful poly sisters we met there that night of "bonding time."

That night tati & I wanted to be funny and bring
our gangsta dayz back so we sang this song.
lol and made me remember my bros tuau & rocc. So I had

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Manservant vs Master

Elder Sio walks with Christ bidding all to
"Listen to him (Christ) who is the aadvocate with the Father, who is pleading your cause before him"
Today marks a special day in my life, but its nothing concerning anything I've done. But has everything to do with what one of my favorite people Blake Sio has done earlier today.
Elder Sio the day of his Mission Sacrament
March 25,2012
By entering a new exciting phaze and journey of his life. Onward to experience the unexpected, that awaits him. From today into the eternities. With it's ups and downs moving forward for the Lord.
Manservant to the left of your screen
Master to the right.
He's fo'eva giving goofy smiles eh!lol
@ SLC 2nd YSA dance 2011
 Which is called becoming a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Setting Blake apart from the world to  become Elder Sio, called to serve in the
Philippines Bacolod Mission 2012-2014
The standard time for males to serve in any lds mission is a 2year period and for the sisters its a year and a 1/2.
"A Nation of people who love truth"
Cebu City Philippines Temple
Dedicated 13 June 2010
by Thomas S. Monson
And like I mentioned earlier about Elder Sio & the eternities. Faith based missionaries never allow him or herself a release date in continuing the work of the Lord. And plenty who decide to serve  full-time missions, are missionaries way before the call of duty & pinning their name badges across their chest.
Choir Trip serving our LBC youth
 Which I have full confidence in Elder Sio that he was that potential missionary before the call & will be  the type of return missionary who will continue to serve even long after being released from his 2 year service. Anyone who knows Elder Sio would say the same.
 A true solider for righteousness.
Dancing the Night Away w/our
Choir & LBC members.

We met around the end of Feb 2011, at my young single adult Slc 2nd ward at fhe. Running into each other while he was introducing himself to our sister doraleen levao. And I was rushing by to get to the kitchen to serve refreshments & hims, tryna be sly and get into the kitchen to survey what was there pretty much to see what he could confiscate before leaving fhe. Such a multi-tasker that guy. I knew that he was a big deal  in passing even then.
Every Missionary's Goal

Once our formal intros. were exchanged, followed by his rejecting my offer to join our ward because he was in the process of getting his mission papers passed through with his bishop. He didn't want anyone or anything to distract that goal. Which was smart on his part & wasn't such a offense when he rejected coming to our ward. This is where our friendship bloomed through missionary work. And I learned alot more about life, my testimony & how to make hard choices work from Elder Sio's perspective.
Us in Long Beach,California 
 2011 for  our Divine Heritage Choir Trip
"Every heart a missionary heart"
Through team teaching @ SLC 2nd Ysa fhe's, facebook battles of who's the manservant & who's the master (I win)lol, to speaking for our Divine Heritage choir devotionals together & the growth by which came through serving in Divine Heritage & the Example of the Believers Choirs.
His friendship taught me to roll with the punches of life & how to rise from discouragement. Not only did it structure my testimony into becoming a stronger instrument then til today. But his example taught me to find the joy in the struggle & to remain optismtic about everything. No matter how difficult the test or how long we're call to endure well. He taught me to stick with the plan of God by all means. 
Earlier I briefly mentioned our joke abt who's who's master and so of course being the Queen that I am. ;0) I'd teasingly call him manservant all the time or as often as he'd allow. Lol
Elder's Sio's Mission
And I'm just so proud that he made it to this day. Serving his full-time mission like he always wanted, since we met and even before then. I'm proud that he's doing it! And though I couldn't see the rest of the process & progress in which it took for him to get to this day. I commend Elder Sio for following through on the plan & pray he returns  safely home with honor & valor.
Glory to our true master Heavenly Father for sustaining Elder Sio thus far, YOU DESERVE IT!
Til we meet again my friend
 Elder Blake"manservant" Sio. :)
 L.A. CALIFORNIA MISSION ON MINE lol :) Alofa tele Sister Afo
Feb 1,2012
 aOrganize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a bhouse, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God;
(D&C 88:119)