Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back II Life

After a week of babysitting breaks, celebrating conference weekend with  @our lil sister Leta Fauolo
Asiata's wedding, plus alot of Relief Society activity prep & bonding with choir members. I was happy to have spent time with our Tagaloa family for easter. After my lil'handsome guy David Loimata Afo was blessed yesterday.
I babysit him & his older brother Rocky Mon-Fri from 8:30am til the late afternoon or when their papa Rocky Sr gets off. I've missed them. And in babysitting them esp David, I've found my eyes opened of how special & precious little kids are and can be. Even if they may drive me kookoo sometimes. I'm blessed that their teaching me alot about being more motherly & prepared for what's ahead :)

A family wedding has been long overdue. So it was nice to participate in Leta's & see her look super beautiful & happy.That's my younger sis Teuila & I with the beautiful bride. And then below us w/the rest of our cousins giving our Mapu side's traditional mea'lofas to the grooms side.

Sistah Kamie & I w/mean mugging
King Tui @the wedding :)

It was a happy evening followed by a night of dancing with my old Salt Lake 2nd Ward for conference weekend.
Which I got to spend with Sana & Mone Vakalahi downtown meeting up with the Finau Family. More pictures to follow :)

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