Monday, April 9, 2012

Besties Foreva!

Have you ever made this comment? "So and so (Fill in the blank )has so many best friends or makes everyone their best friend!" And they just barely Well since I was a kid I was that type of  person. Always wanting a lot of besties in my life.
Have I always been the  friend I'd constantly collect through my socializing? To be considered a "best friend" in other peoples circle of friends??"
Nope I haven't! But along the way, I've done my part to become a better "friend" so I can be considered a "best friend" to all sorts of people.. With alot of trial and error during this ongoing journey, but of course. :0)
 Well recently it's felt like I've lost & than regain alot of my best friends. Usually by miscommunication & a lack of  expressing it between other friends and I . Due to me being left in the "dark" about how my actions have rub them the wrong way. Or me in most cases not caring because I felt I was right & they were wrong. I get that from my pride :(
So my sermon today is lol jp.. Actually my feelings on the matter are, that I'm grateful for the miracle of forgiveness. And no matter what I have done. I'm so grateful to have these two, Edna & Tati that pull through for me..
Living it up @ Karaoke Cafe lol
Tatiana Skipps & Edna Aiono

That's us April 8th 2012 before going to Karaoke Cafe to sing our lives The day Edna & our sister Sina Ika got to go through the temple, to do baptisms for the dead. It was a beautiful Easter Eve morning that day @ the Bountiful Temple.
Anyway like I was saying about best friends. I'm especially grateful for these two because through all my flaws, annonyances and bluntness. They've stuck by my side, corrected me when I've done something out of context to what should've been done & they always understand that my intentions are never put forth to hurt anyone.
Unless your name is_____.. bahahaha jp
 I love making friends and turning them into my very best. And through these two I've learned that it's cool to make a zillion best friends. But it is really critical to keep the ones you have. And I love them ladies for being that example to me. They made  General Conference following Weekend a blast. Now that Tati is back in Sunny Cali having breakfast w/her potential "boo thang"lol And Edna is vacationing in good ol' Laie Hawaii to hopefully seranade a future "boo thang" island style.
I'm here in "bootah" content I can write this blogg about my bestest sistahs from another mistah. My earth angels fo'sho. This is us at the end of our night singing "Closing time" with a few other beautiful poly sisters we met there that night of "bonding time."

That night tati & I wanted to be funny and bring
our gangsta dayz back so we sang this song.
lol and made me remember my bros tuau & rocc. So I had

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