Thursday, April 26, 2012


I was on the phone with my sister Crystal Ripley-Ainuu last week. Just standing outside my house enjoying the sun and laughing at our recent experiences.
And in the midst of clowning, my neighbors cute little spanish daughter ran over & gave me a sunflower.

 I'm a softy for flowers & have yet to witness a man give me But on that day from this cute little girl I was grateful.
Not only for the reminder that kids are the most caring creatures on earth. It also retaught me, what I learned on my mission about life.
Which is "be where your at and bloom" meaning don't try to rush away where your currently at in life. Because your tired of the area,people or the pain trials bring.
But to understand that if your not mindful, that there is a reason why you are where you.
You won't "bloom" just the way Heavenly Father intended you too.
In order for Heavenly Father to help water you in experiences, weed out your weaknesses & pour out blessings on the sunshine he's trying to lighten over your life.

We all want different things & tend to want them immediately without taking the time to smell the roses. That day my neighbor's daughter taught me to enjoy the journey & don't be so anxious to get to any particular destination. Because if I don't pay attention. I will miss the whole garden of possiblities that were along the way, trying to help me to witness the "Master Gardner" working, his green thumb in my life. I'm learning to better, let go & let God.. And it's truely amazing, how good he is to me..

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