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Everyday we're given gifts in order to progress. Since the day we were born through people, offered prayers by others and even just prayers we personally give out. Why are we given gifts? Because God loves us. Why does he love us? Because he's our Father, our Creator and designed us in a way that we could receive gifts. So one day we can be exactly like him. An all- knowing, all-powerful and all-loving image of him. And then he expects us to turn around & educate others with the gifts we've been given. In order for them to find and cultivate their own.
So of course I love to receive gifts of the spirit, I love tangible gifts from my friends & family & I especially love gifts if their any type of foods. (hint hint I love sushi or chantilly cake from Zippys or is it made from Teds Bakery in Hawaii?) I blame my obession for the flavor for my food coma. The cause of how I got my memory relapse of what exact location makes that delicious

Anyway so lately people seem to be getting annonyed when I try to encourage them (but they translate it as being pushy) to share their gifts. To share their talents with us who don't have their specific gift. Which most often is their natural ability to sing. While I struggle to even get a melody on my own with one song or any song for that matter. Well that's where my frustration with these remarkable singers, stems from when they don't sing upon "Ova's Request" :) in case you all were And why I "encourage" when oft times it is communicated in "pushing" people to share.

So back to the story at hand hehe  I challenged one of my friends that I love to write poems with John Siafega, to sing my most recent favorite song by Boyz II Men. Never Go Away..solo.. Even went as far as to try to get his friends & family to click "likes" on his facebook status to motivate him to do the song solo. 
Well long story short he was modest about his abilities. Which is normal because he's shy & humble about his talent. And that's fine, I get that about singers. But what drives me up the wall is when they add people to sing with them.
When one- if I would've wanted others to sing with them in my original request. I would've said hey you & so & so should sing this & I would've been done with it. Sounds blunt? Maybe in brash? But when I get into this mode of "encouraging." I can gurantee I have the other persons feelings as high priority. Aside from anything else but I also have a vision of why I ask them in the first place to sing at certain times for certain people. Which will be discussed later :)

 And the only reason I'm making this an issue is because to point out to my dear friend John & all of you that I love. I feel that its time to STOP HIDING YOUR TALENTS esp BEHIND OTHERS! Either because you don't wanna out shine them or you don't believe enough in your own shine. Which I know John doesn't suffer from either of those senerios.But if he did I would say STOP!  And what I perceive from John, he really is the type that would make it a team effort. Turning my request from solo to a group experience. Because he's not a Beyonce on "Dream Gurls" I'm going solo type so forget everyone else. And I respect, especially since he doesn't see I in Team like others would.
Who knows what John will actually do with my  request. But this is what I know about myself. I get super up tight when I want things my way and don't get it. Who doesn't?lol You have a vision & you expect everyone to follow that vision to the the Tee, right?lol Or maybe that's just me :)

My blog post today is about witnessing this senerio of extra-ordainary people hiding their exceptional gifts. Cases I've had to witness in my life, one too many times than I would've ever wished for through some many people I know. Especially when it comes to singing, I've seen alot of people back into the shadows.
 Just cause they don't ever want to come off cocky. Which causes my annonyance to grow for them. Going back to gifts & talents are given to be shared. And so when I would die to sing half as good as John,Mycal,Edna esp my sisters the sugarhouse girls, Tirae or even our beloved Whitney Houston  but I can't, at least not yet.. Oh yes dear you can bet your bottom dollar! I proudly say I do get annonyed to the max. If you got it share it. So when people can sing & then shy away for no good reason to me. (Whitney doesn't count on that last remark cuz she kept her shine on til she died) That kind of behavior floors me. Like I mentioned previously I would never ask anyone I believe in to do something if I didn't think they could follow through and deliver.
 Now I know I'm totally ranting & sounding like wah wah wah. But here's the point or points I'm trying to make.

1.Talents weren't given to be hidden-SO USE THEM OR YO'GONNA LOSE'EM..

2.There's one thing about being humble & not wanting to out shine people. But if your intentions & heart are right than NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. If they feel intimidated or their fake praise of your abilities make you feel ackward. As if their fishing for compliments. BE REAL & let them know that their just as talented as you are for sure. But if they keep "fake praising" you then let them be. BUT BY ALL MEANS DON'T STOP YOUR SHINE!! JUST CAUSE THEY DON'T FULLY BELIEVE IN THEIR OWN SHINE! BE REAL!

3. Just SHARE your talent FREELY IS ALL I ask.. Whether your asked two weeks before to perform or on the spot. YOU HAVE GIFTS use it on a moments notice AND FORGET WHAT PEOPLE THINK..If your prepared you won't fear. SO BE PREPARED BEFORE YOUR ASKED & fear will NEVER win! When you do that than you prove to the giver of all the earth, that you appreciate his gifts & your adding onto what he's started in you. Not burying it so no one can see. If your motives are right your sharing your gifts will be seen as being right on point.

Moroni 10:8
8 And again, I exhort you, my brethren, that ye deny not the gifts of God, for they are many; and they come from the same God. And there are different ways that these gifts are administered; but it is the same God who worketh all in all; and they are given by the manifestations of the Spirit of God unto men, to profit them.

This next example is more about self-image & so I'll try to tie into gifts. I had a love one that I love with all my heart. Growing up in Polynesian shows we had to constantly keep ourselves up & make sure we didn't gain too much weight. This person was & to this day is flawless to me. Smarts,Beauty and a sense of humor that is infectious. So at the time I was smaller than this person  & my appetite wasn't as big as it is today lol. And so I would get full fast but this person wouldn't & because I loved  them so much. Without them ever asking, I would purposely keep eating until they were full. Which was the dumbest thing I could have done because I was enabling them to over-eat which turned into our excessive weight gain. But being the naive teenager that I was I didn't know any better. All I knew is I loved this person  & I didn't want them to feel bad or feel alone. Well my mom noticed & put some sense in my head & eventually things turned out.

My point in that story is by not sharing your talents. Whether it be singing,dancing,parenting, giving advice to someone who has everyone telling them what they want to hear & not what they need to hear. By doing that meaning keeping silent. Your doing more harm than good & your enabling them for continual failure & self-pity. So STOP & do what's right & by all means SHARE YOUR GIFTS & TALENTS.. You never know who you'll inspire.

What hidden gifts are you burying in the ground that could bless someone else today?

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