Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Manservant vs Master

Elder Sio walks with Christ bidding all to
"Listen to him (Christ) who is the aadvocate with the Father, who is pleading your cause before him"
Today marks a special day in my life, but its nothing concerning anything I've done. But has everything to do with what one of my favorite people Blake Sio has done earlier today.
Elder Sio the day of his Mission Sacrament
March 25,2012
By entering a new exciting phaze and journey of his life. Onward to experience the unexpected, that awaits him. From today into the eternities. With it's ups and downs moving forward for the Lord.
Manservant to the left of your screen
Master to the right.
He's fo'eva giving goofy smiles eh!lol
@ SLC 2nd YSA dance 2011
 Which is called becoming a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Setting Blake apart from the world to  become Elder Sio, called to serve in the
Philippines Bacolod Mission 2012-2014
The standard time for males to serve in any lds mission is a 2year period and for the sisters its a year and a 1/2.
"A Nation of people who love truth"
Cebu City Philippines Temple
Dedicated 13 June 2010
by Thomas S. Monson
And like I mentioned earlier about Elder Sio & the eternities. Faith based missionaries never allow him or herself a release date in continuing the work of the Lord. And plenty who decide to serve  full-time missions, are missionaries way before the call of duty & pinning their name badges across their chest.
Choir Trip serving our LBC youth
 Which I have full confidence in Elder Sio that he was that potential missionary before the call & will be  the type of return missionary who will continue to serve even long after being released from his 2 year service. Anyone who knows Elder Sio would say the same.
 A true solider for righteousness.
Dancing the Night Away w/our
Choir & LBC members.

We met around the end of Feb 2011, at my young single adult Slc 2nd ward at fhe. Running into each other while he was introducing himself to our sister doraleen levao. And I was rushing by to get to the kitchen to serve refreshments & hims, tryna be sly and get into the kitchen to survey what was there pretty much to see what he could confiscate before leaving fhe. Such a multi-tasker that guy. I knew that he was a big deal  in passing even then.
Every Missionary's Goal

Once our formal intros. were exchanged, followed by his rejecting my offer to join our ward because he was in the process of getting his mission papers passed through with his bishop. He didn't want anyone or anything to distract that goal. Which was smart on his part & wasn't such a offense when he rejected coming to our ward. This is where our friendship bloomed through missionary work. And I learned alot more about life, my testimony & how to make hard choices work from Elder Sio's perspective.
Us in Long Beach,California 
 2011 for  our Divine Heritage Choir Trip
"Every heart a missionary heart"
Through team teaching @ SLC 2nd Ysa fhe's, facebook battles of who's the manservant & who's the master (I win)lol, to speaking for our Divine Heritage choir devotionals together & the growth by which came through serving in Divine Heritage & the Example of the Believers Choirs.
His friendship taught me to roll with the punches of life & how to rise from discouragement. Not only did it structure my testimony into becoming a stronger instrument then til today. But his example taught me to find the joy in the struggle & to remain optismtic about everything. No matter how difficult the test or how long we're call to endure well. He taught me to stick with the plan of God by all means. 
Earlier I briefly mentioned our joke abt who's who's master and so of course being the Queen that I am. ;0) I'd teasingly call him manservant all the time or as often as he'd allow. Lol
Elder's Sio's Mission
And I'm just so proud that he made it to this day. Serving his full-time mission like he always wanted, since we met and even before then. I'm proud that he's doing it! And though I couldn't see the rest of the process & progress in which it took for him to get to this day. I commend Elder Sio for following through on the plan & pray he returns  safely home with honor & valor.
Glory to our true master Heavenly Father for sustaining Elder Sio thus far, YOU DESERVE IT!
Til we meet again my friend
 Elder Blake"manservant" Sio. :)
 L.A. CALIFORNIA MISSION ON MINE lol :) Alofa tele Sister Afo
Feb 1,2012
 aOrganize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a bhouse, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God;
(D&C 88:119)

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