Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mid-Single Opinions

So my sisterfren Tati sent me the below link about Mid-singles discussing the "why's" of  why the church has grouped us into "young single adults" or "mid-single adult" wards. At first when I listend to the podcast. I like what they brought up because I've felt their feelings before. At least once or more during my young adult life. But with all of their discussion of the "why's" and saying "the leaders need to do A,B,C and D" options to make them feel more comfortable as single members. I was like whoa.. All I hear is a lot of complaining & not enough enduring. On the part of these young adults/midsingle adults. And I don't know these people & might be misjudging their opinions. Though I commend their efforts on putting this issue out. But I feel strongly that the leaders didn't kick us out of the young single adults to give up on us or that they didn't know what to do with us!! 
Nothing in this church is done by man alone. The direction is always FROM GOD because he has testified through prophets, that he would never allow men to lead us astray. NEVER 
So I know that men called of God wouldn't group us in these wards unless it was inspired by God. But what we as mid-singles need to do is put our lives in order, have faith in God that he will bring that spouse & stop complaining & be about action & not be complacent just because we're single. Faith is about moving forward especially when we haven't received the miracle we are seeking or eagerly awaiting. We can't get the results we're looking for if we're doing ineffective actions to getting the greatest gift we're wanting to attain.
Change your questions you change your life. Change your perspective to fit God's you obtain eternal life. It's all in the actions your taking & the heart of how you react to what God says that will matter at the end of the day. He didn't say it would be easy but he did say it would be worth it.

Click on this link  to check out the podcast on the discussion.

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