Friday, April 27, 2012

Perfect Crossover PT2

Chelle & I @ bro Rock's wedding
Michelle entered our lives I believe back in 2004 or 2005 maybe later. I'm not sure because its felt like she's been with us for awhile. Which is a great thing.
Well she was the first girl that Roy ever brought around us. So we knew she was someone special. Well for years they were off & on as a couple. Then right before she was pregnant with baby Rochelle. Michelle & I were roommates in Taylorsville,Utah. And I'd have to admit, I wasn't always the easiest person to get along with, esp when it came to my siblings. Whether they were right or wrong, being the naive older sister that I am. I would/and continue to always side with my siblings.. Who wouldn't?lol
Chelle's niece, my sisters Chelle & Uila @ our sister Tasha Afo's 30th Birthday

Anyway fastfwd to this "crossover change" today. Both Chelle & Roy have moved onto other people. And today Chelle is getting married to her boyfriend. And though it's a hard pill to swallow. I am happy for her & have learned that though we don't always understand all the whys of life.. Happiness  for our best interest can come in unexpected forms & through different people. And chelle may not be my sister-in-law. But she will always be my sister and not just because of our connection to our brother roy & my niece rochelle. But like they say of Christ. We love her because she first loved us. Never did she ever disrespect us and that says so much about what type of person she is to us. Wishing her nothing but the best of blessings for the rest of her life & beyond.
Chelle's wedding day w/our Afo Sisters
Candance,Dela & Tasha

So later on after all this news about Chelle getting married.
I got to chat to my other sis Mele "Dukes" Tidermann about missionary work in her old mission, sharing testimony with my sister Ane Tupea about enduring life & callings, even up to talking to one of the guys that I use to romantically be involved with during earlier days. I was able to communicate over facebook chat to catch up. He sharing with me that he has become worthy enough to serve a LDS mission & this weekend was his missioanry farewell.. Not even flinching, that he's going later in life than 19yrs old that usually go out. He will be in the "grandpa" category of serving in the field out in the east coast now that he's ready. What a blessing..

And it sparked my final "move on crossover" & how to not keep still in the circumstance we face daily. But no matter what life comes when we're able to learn, move & crossover to a better self of discovery of who's important & what is needed through all these crossovers.. Giving up is not an option.

So as I've been stating, there were many more crossovers experienced yesterday. And I'd like to label the following as the "crossover change." It rained so nicely last night, while we were baking cookies & just enjoying our separate forms of entertainment. Some watching tv & of course me camping online. And by letting go of what didn't happen at dance practice really prepared me for what was ahead. Current issues had risen, such as our family having to let go of Michelle Toa. The mother of our brother Roy's daughter, baby Rochelle..

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