Friday, April 27, 2012

Perfect Crossover

Yesterday was the perfect day for me & I didn't even meet a boy or fall in Proving like what Julia Robert's character Liz passionately says in Eat,Pray,Love to her love interest. "I DON'T NEED TO LOVE YOU, TO PROVE I LOVE MYSELF." A very powerful statement that for me spoke volumes. For instance I know we need men. We need them to have children, to carry our burdens and to feel true happiness. To me that's God's plan. But in the world, the world would have us say arrogantly, "Who needs a man?" I don't! I'm Mrs.Independent & no man can do half of what I can do in one breathe. And though I feel that is true too :) Because I witness my own mom carry alot of burdens on her own. Along with many other strong women. I still feel as women, even if we can do everything. We need to WAKE UP, Just as much as men! It's ok to let men know we need them, that occassionaly with the million things we do in a span of 20minutes or less, we need them.. Otherwise we'll get burnt out & they'll never feel needed. Steve Harvey, my go to guy for love advice has said.. "If men don't feel their needed or see where they fit in your plan, they will go elsewhere."  Not that I am at all saying enable you some SCRUBS who don't do nothing. But whisper sweet nothings & think that's all they have to do. NO!!! You better tell them kind of men, to take a hike. What I'm saying is and  back to Julia Robert's quote I mentioned & what I got out of it. Was find the balance of needing a man but not needing him so much that your whole world falls apart. Only  should have that much control over you. ONLY GOD because he gave you everything & continues to do so. Even & especially when you don't deserve it. In my opinion.. Well yesterday reminded me that I can be happy all by myself. And when he, whoever he is :) comes along to add to my happiness. I will be prepared. I was REAWAKEN to the reality that happiness starts with me, in me not vice versa.. So that was my first perfect crossover into Self-Love & Appreciation for me.. Because here's the other reality sisters. If we don't fully love ourselves & the wrong guy does come along. You will foolishly let him have his way with you. Because you don't do what it takes to love you at your highest. So he can respect & provide the love you deserve. And it won't be completely his fault. It will be yours because you opt to have somebody, who could potentially be a nobody in order for you to have a body around to satisify you.. No bueno sisters.. that's just asking for awhole lot of mess & yrs of misery.

Then I had the opportunity to attend a Jazz Basketball Game here at home.. So grateful cause the invitation was from my best friend Doraleen Levao.. A group of our old choir members were going. I wanted to go so bad and not because you'd witness me, a devowed LAKER'S FAN crossover & become a Jazz NEVAH THAT :) But I had made a comittment to participate in a fundraising luau for our Molifua's. And we had a scheduled dance practice which my usual self, would've flaked & would've just did what I wanted. However I decline the tickets & tried to hookup my homie Samoana Matagi with them since I couldn't make it.  Which brought me to our "sacrifice & charity crossover." Sacrifice to be where I was needed to even though I wanted to be elsewhere. Then charity because even though I couldn't marvel in the blessing of attending this game. I knew someone else could benefit way more than me. And I felt good all the way up until, I get to dance practice & the girls had to leave early & the instructor got stuck somewhere.
 That then brought me to my 4 & 5th crossover "patience & forgiveness" for the instructor. Patience that though I thought one thing about why he didn't show, I redirected my thoughts & figured maybe he had another reason. Which naturally brought about feelings of forgive him. So I can move on & not dwell on how I could've went to the game  and didn't.. Even if it meant being my old self. Yes SELFISH.. but I'm glad I didn't go and don't get me wrong I complained. Of course I but it wasn't worth holding onto, complaining and so I let it go. :)

Well I ended out the night with my family, watching movies, discussing our sister Michelle Toa's getting married this weekend, which I will mention later. And  then baking yummy choc. chip cookies while I was facebook camping.. So before I go any further. This will be a two part blog because I don't want to lose any of you in my sharing due to the length of my message. (To be continued)

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