Saturday, April 21, 2012

Think Like A Man

I've been in a state of mind where all I wanna do is sleep. Sleep all day & night until I regain the strength that's felt as if it's been missing since this year has begun. So when I was able to get together with my two sisters, Carol Ulugia & Mea Kinkini last night.
 Especially after attending another funeral (six in total during the last 5 months).You can imagine how happy I was to get in some real needed sister bonding. Of good laughs,food & sistah conversation. Which is exactly what we did til the break of
Well remember a while ago, me blogging about Steve Harvey's book "Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man" ? A self-help book to assist women to increase their knowledge of the makings of a man. How they think etc,etc,etc. Well they turned it into a movie & aside from the swearing the movie hit the book right on the nail. And we got a good laugh & went over the pros & cons of certain men, reasons of our singlehood & how to prepare for future relationships.
Mea & I chilling @ SLC Temple

Tirae,Sela,Me & Carol
@Birthday Party
Which sparked off the subject of the "Cookie" & "90-day rule" from the book & movie. Now I don't hold back on anything thing concerning my opinion or my sense of expression. Not like I use to & this is why, if your thinking what I'm thinking, about what I mean when I say "Cookie" then your an adult. So keep reading. But if your gonna go into some panic attack or fall-out. Because you know what I'm getting to & hope I don't say it. Or label what the "Cookie" is because you still need some growing up to do. Then don't read the rest of this post. Because I can not, I repeat can't not! Be held responsible if you have a heart attack cause you cringe at the very sound of what "Cookie" really means. lol But for all you other adults that can handle..
Proceed and keep on reading.. :)

The "Cookie" is "Sex" and the "90 day Rule" is merely the amount of time Steve Harvey says "You should with hold the "Cookie" from the opposite gender. Describing it as the benefits that shouldn't just be given out to any ol'person. ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVEN'T EARNED THE RIGHT TO EVEN HOPE THAT THEY COULD GET THE "COOKIE."
Ideally if your a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the standard is to withhold the "Cookie Package" til your married & sealed in the temple. But this is not a Mary Poppins type of world & we don't live in a society that when people wanna be with each other. That it's always easy to with hold the "cookie" in the heat of the moment.

So because the standard is set like that for members of the church. I would say if you've given your "cookie" or you continue to give your "cookies" away without restrain. But you want to work towards controlling the strong emotions & actions you and your partner share. So you can renew your covenants again. In order to one day enter the temple of the Lord & be sealed to your family.
 I'd have to say it's totally possible and that you can do it. Starting with talking to your Bishop, setting goals as a couple & start again.
No matter how many times you have to start over. I would strongly suggest to keep at it until you attain your goal.
If you really love the person your giving your "cookie" away to they will be worth the work.
If your not religious or a member of the church & still can't understand why people leave you once they get the "cookie".. My very own personal opinion is that they leave because you made it too easy for them to get the "cookie" and I'm pretty sure because you didn't value yourself to have them wait. They took notice at that & didn't value that you would be worth waiting for & so they left. And that's not good at all...
Reminds me of a quote
"Just because you made ONE wrong choice
doesn't mean you can't make the next ONES RIGHT."
The following music video hopefully opens your eyes to what's really worth your time. In whatever phase you find yourself  the hope is that you start valuing yourself more. In order for others to follow suit. Especially if your a woman out to finding the significant other. May you all find & keep the one that proves to you that your Sex ain't better than your Love.. :)
Eternal Love if that be your final goal.

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