Thursday, May 3, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

My favorite form of working out has always been dancing. Since I was a little girl  peforming in our dad's family show, that's been our joy. Even by our over worked hrs & small only my dad can :) At least we have funny stories from those early days, right? my poor  Well anyway I've been slacking on my 24hr fitness visits. Really badd with drinking too much soda & eating too many fresh bake choc chip cookies. And I can't even afford to be acting like a foo, doing all those bad habits. Especially because my best friend's wedding is in 3 months. And  I kicked my muli (translation-*bootie*) into gear today. Finally attended a Hot Hula Class last night. And it felt good.. Not only will I be hitting 24hr fitness but also Hot Hula weekly. Instructed by my good friend Tau Utai Taumoepeau & her dance partner Kris Leong Allen.

Kris is by the boat & Tau is in the Middle

They were awesome & I totally felt at home wobbling my baby greta, all over the place. I was sela 3 minutes into the warmups & kept thinking oka this is gonna be a killer. And so when Tau asked at the beginning of class, "How you feeling ladies?" I blurted out like a phat kid that has had one too many choc chip cookies & soda. "Burning! my legs are burning."lol Not a good look for a newcomer & saying out loud what everyone was Except our instructors Kris &
It was great :) & I can't wait til next week.. Thanks for Amanda that agreed to go with me & my sister
Crystal breaking me in when she came down for Auntie Vena's Funeral. Who goes to gold's gym cause they don't wanna get hefty. I mean healthy from all the funeral food?lol Crystal does.. Hope to look as hott as her at the end of this journey.

Sister Crystal Hot Hula'ing in Vegas

Grateful for Great-Grand uncle Lei'a Mapuolesega my grandma Aimiti's brother who started this legacy of dancing in our family. And for Grandma Nola his sweetheart that was with him every step of the way. We wouldn't be as good as we are without his vision & love.
Miss You & esp Auntie Vena :)

My dad w/the red lei & our family
Grandpa Lei'a & our Og's

Our beloved Sister Teena Galeai Fa'amaligi
My YSA years :)

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