Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Time just keeps flying by & we only have two more weeks in this month. And summer will have arrived. It's crazy to me but the ride has been unforgettable. I see so much in the day to day routine & the power of friendships & relationships that I've come to gain & lose.
And this week especially, today was a day of losing but gaining a lot of different things, I hadn't expected.
Like my decision  to chop 9 inches of my hair off . One for change & other just to get a rush from the shock it would cause family & The only thing I regret is that I didn't think to donate my hair to Love of Locks.  Next time for sure.

Well I felt brave today in making that change. And as simple as a hair cut can be to anyone. The choice to make that step left me feeling a sense of empowerment. Sounds silly but it's true.  I won't go into too much detail about it. Other then to say it felt good to follow through on something. And not feel like anything or anyone could stop me. Because it was my choice and stepping into a situtation where I took back the power. That I've been hounding  my sisterfrens to take back from men that won't love them in the way that they deserve. It just felt like a sigh of relief & freedom. Not only that but the blessing of receiving a lot of answers. Answers to different things in my life that I've been worried or thinking about concerning my future..
Feeling like I'm not what I once was, won't fuss over what I should've been but sure am happy I'm living to better in the "now phaze" to become all that I can be. Who knew a few little changes like a hair cut could leave such a profound affect,aye? lol Well sistahs, take that leap of faith & do what you got to do, to find your empowering moment of joy!   Enjoy my jam love this song.. Pictures of my new hairdid coming soon.

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