Thursday, May 24, 2012

For Get Me Not PT 2

So I wasn't lying when I said that poem was super long, right? Well when Mary had recited that last night at our training. My first thoughts were that this woman does exist.. Through my mom, many of my aunties like auntie vena mapu finau, alot of my sisters like my younger sisters teuila vainuku & florisa talo-kiora, my older sisters rosie afo, dahni wiley and pricilla moleni.. Countless women that I have met throughout my life & will continue to meet.

And it's not that each woman has the same tasks that were mentioned in that poem. No with every different sister they have a list tailored to their lives & I'm sure have had instances that they just wanna DROP DEAD due to exhaustion. So I wanted you each of you to read that poem to understand this;

---One God has never forgotten you.. With all the trials that weigh you down, all the disappointments of a spouse that might not live up to your every expectation & seems to not always think of your well being because their self-absorbed. I want you to know that God has not forgotten you & he will never forget you..

This blog post title comes from a talk given my Elder Uchtdorf in our 1st Presidency of our church. Please read the talk by clicking on this link. Forget Me Not Link/Click Here here are his points & how I felt about each one..

First Flower Petal- First, forget not to be patient with yourself!
Pointing out do not spend your lives comparing your weaknesses to someone else's strengths. You will go nuts & accomplish nothing!

Second Flower Petal- Forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice.. For example it's saturday night & the next day you might have to teach in class. Do you stay up all night making treats & personalize package each one & find the best packaging. Or do you study the lesson to understand the principal to be taught & concentrate on individuals who the lesson could impact by being spiritually prepared. Both good tasks but the best one would be the latter of the two.  Choose your sacrifices wisely.

Third Flower Petal- Forget not to be HAPPY NOW! Not to be happy in the past & the satisifaction of yesterdays triumphs or what's to come in the future. But be happy now! In waiting this part of his talk encourages, do not allow yourself to grow bitter in the delay of certain blessings or "golden tickets" that have yet to arrive. Be HAPPY NOW!

Fourth Flower Petal- Forget not the 'why' of the gospel and President Uchtdorf says; Sometimes, he said, Church members focus on what the Lord wants them to do and how to do it, but forget the why. Which to me simply means when we forget the "why's" of serving in the church & becoming & constantly renewing our commitment to convert ourselves. Then we don't have the motivation to be committed to this restored gospel with all of our hearts. Because we've lost focus of "why" we do what we do. Which should be first & foremost to please God & one day return to him & our older brother Jesus Christ. Now finally our last flower petal.

Fifth Flower Petal- Forget not that the Lord loves you
I've said it previously & I will continue to say it.. He loves you more than anything in this world. I am a very defected work in progress type of person. I have as many flaws as the next person & make mistakes all of the time.. JUST ASK MY ROOMATES.. But this is what sets me apart. I know my Heavenly Father because even before joining the Mormon religion. I had a solid relationship with him through the power of prayer. Which only grew stronger when I became a member of this church. And because I fought & still fight hard not to compare my weaknesses to other peoples strengths & I've trained myself to repent as soon as I've fallen. I am a testament the power of Jesus Christ Atonement heals all wounds. I wish that I could give each of you this knowledge & testimony for you to always be protected by. But I can't.. You have to seek it, obtain it & retain it for yourself.. I'm telling you.. even though your heart at times feels like God has forgotten you. I gurantee you in his beloved's sons name. Even Jesus Christ he hasn't forgotten you so forget him not.. He's waiting to heal you..

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