Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Friends :)

As I was saying in my last post. I made a lot of new friends by attending SLC 2nd Ysa, my old ward on Sunday. And being given the opportunity to reunite with my old friends also..  Gina Fonua & Ofeina Puamau bore beautiful testimonies on the power & influence of prayer.
Ofeina sharing an experience about being exhausted from a 5 day 12 hr shift, praying she'd have the strength to endure the last two. Then her supervisor reassigning her to do computer work instead of patient chk ups. And in her head doing cart wheels in her mind when she recieved that blessing.
Gina testifying on the importance of relying on our Heavenly Father, once our earthly father has passed away from this life.
Retaining hope that our Heavenly father will still be here for us. Sharing her own experience of her father's death & the impact it makes when we listen to the promptings of the spirit. And become an answer to other peoples prayers & being in tune with answering our own prayers. Not getting caught up with fear when we should always be ready to move into action mode, when the Lord is nudging us forward to change our ways.
With each passing hour of church I just kept getting so many different personal revealations. I felt at home, peaceful & like I was getting spiritually recharged. Which was a feeding I needed for a long time. Following sacrament & heading to Sunday School. I was able to get to catch up with my sisters Katie Featherstone & Julie Caledron.. Laughing up a storm about the ol'ward dayz. Running into my former fhe chairman, brotha Lei Talamaivao. Roughing him up for being "special" lol. Then class began & listening to my super sweet friend Eduardo Diaz, teach us how to write our covenants on our hearts. Not just being lip serving disciples of Christ. But really serving from our hearts, so we don't find ourselves just going through the motions of the gospel. But truely serving with all of our hearts. Eduardo is a hilarious teacher & friend. Then to reconnect with "bakermon" lol Hinckley Vaisigano... And laughing about his lack of replying to fb msgs &  coming back to choir. Him giving me his reasons which translates into excuses to why he's a fb ninja. lol One week activated fb & the next inactive.. Must be nice having a fan base..lol But it was nice to just laugh with him & not at him something him may or may have not caught onto :)lol okay maybe it was a lil bit more laughing at his excuses oops I mean reasoning abt fb.. lol :) Oh what are we gonna do with these priesthood holders?? shhhh no leaking out msgs :)
Then as usual like the perfect icing on the cake. Getting the opportunity to listen from our new SLC 2nd Relief Society Presidency.. The lesson was given by Vienna on friendship & improving visiting teaching. The energy & love she & her presidency have for the sisters is evident that they will grow in unity. I was grateful to listen to their testimonies. Reminded to cherish the friendships I have & mend the ones I've broken..
Later I spent sister time with my sister frenz Amanda, April, Marie, Dawn & Emma Taufui & chilling w/Sister Toefete again.
Made for some good country time dancing,grubbing & tryna figure out the male species.. :)

"And greater love hath no man least  he lay his life down for his friends."

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