Monday, May 28, 2012

Helping Hands

It was a good weekend & I had some much needed laughs with my sisters. Today is a beautiful Memorial Day & the sun is beaming. I was able to join some friends last Friday to serve food for Salt Lake's local homeless shelter. Before passing out meals. The less fortunate or homeless attendees, have to sit through a church service. This is how they earn their meals.
And this program is usually headed up by non-denominational groups. When we first arrived I was a little nervous. Just because we were asked to fill out a check-in sheet w/our contact info. And I suggested to the girls to just put their names. Yes, I was super paranoid assuming the homeless would just show up on our door step.. Sad, huh? But I'm an ignorant human, I guess you can say. Well, anyway after that we were, directed to sit at the right of the building. And then the service began & there were speakers, religious songs sung & testimonies borne. Kind of reminded me of the Assembly of God church, that we attended before I join the Lds church. And it felt good to witness people worship God. Then something happened that I will never forget. 
Two men walked around passing an offering basket by each row. Which was to have people donate, whatever money they had on them. And I witnessed a few homeless people, place a  few of their own coins into the basket, without a second thought. And the first thought that crossed my mind was "Wow!" They have barely enough to survive & yet they still found it in themselves to give. And I was humbled & grateful for the lesson on charity & the confirmation that charity truely never faileths.. What a blessing to have relearned that lesson through these struggling saints.
Priceless experiences of service.
Yesteday which was Sunday was my day of much needed laughter & spiritual feedings, like I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Dawn & Emma Taufui picked me up & we headed off to support one of our choir members Jacinta Toefete.  She has been called to serve her mission in the 
Quezon City, Philippines.
So we attended the Mapusaga Samoan Ward for her services & she did amazing. She started off in Samoan, filled the program with personal experiences in English & then ended her talk in her mission native tongue, Tagalog. It was a beautiful program & it felt nice to hear our Samoan Priesthood holders lead our members. And to be in the building, I spent my youth years, when I was first converted into the church & Auntie Leta Mapu was the young women's president. And out of all the samoan wards at that time ours was the best I'll never forget singing "How great Thou Art," with the members.. They were so proud :) Through the Taufui Sisters I was able to make new friends Donnie something or other lol.. and Jared Pese..

                                                      To be continued

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