Thursday, May 31, 2012


For you that don't really know the meaning of "Hogwash" let me tell you what it means. ;) It means nonsense.. And so it's been a semi-productive week. But what's thrown a kink into it, has been my "Hogwash of Batchful Attitude" Moody at home but so happy go lucky fo'joy joy when I'm not.. I wish I could blame it on my "monthly visitor" and no I'm not talking about my visiting But yeah I've been full of "Hogwash" on the home front because of me.. So here's my remedy in case your having a "Hogwash of a week,month or year"lol

1.Pray it away
2.Work to help that prayer a reality
   (can't pray for something & expect it to magically appear) (I know right? but food always seems to make me happy..
                 Can't you tell by how big Baby Greta is getting..)
All I'm saying is eat but don't get grazy..
4. If none of the above works. Vent to your besties..

Cuz they'll do two things.. Let you complain a little then if their true besties. They'll slap some sense into you & tell you to "GET OVER IT!"And then problem solved or at least it should be..

Holding onto "Hogwash" isn't good for anyone.. I should know, I've become a master at holding onto it.. But what matters is we do our best to let it go & make better tomorrows. Rather than getting caught up, on yesterdays that can't be changed.

I hope that helps & that you all enjoy your weekend.. I'm playing matchmaker with a couple of my friends.. So it'll be nice to blog about those experiences soon.. HARAH FOR PROACTIVE DATING.. Speaking of Harah.. I might get the opportunity to attend a fireside. Where Elder Groberg & his wife will be speaking at this sunday.. So if you all are in Utah & interested let me know via gmail & I'll give you the address. or inbox me through fb.. Here's a clip of who Elder Groberg is & his story.. HARAH FO'hAPPIER DAYZ!!!

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