Friday, May 4, 2012

Home Alone

It's been an up & down kind of week, more ups then downs. But when those "Debbie Downer's" come it feels like there were no So the house is clear from my roomies & everyone is out & about. I just wanted to post this story I got from Oprah's page and share what great wisdom she has gained from one of my favorite poet's. Mz Maya Angelou! Hope you guys have a joyful weekend & will capture this "Pay it Forward" story and spread your Thank yous.. One thank you's I have today is to our Heavenly Father. Who's blessed my sister tirae & her husband matt with the news, that their expecting their first baby. He was just baptized a few weeks ago & they just got married at the beginning of this year. And I'm so happy for them.. I truely have the best family that can drive me up the wall & friends that can test my patience. But all in all they are the fabric of what makes my life worth living.
May 2nd a great man by the name of Jr. Seau was reported to have comitted suicide. A gun shot to his chest & it just brought up alot about our own brother Tuau & other love ones that have passed. And all, I can say is watch, how you treat the people in your life. I am guilt of being ungrateful & even selfish, alot in my life with certain people. The people that support & care for me, unconditionally. But at the end of the day I know I am nothing without them. So I do my best to treat them better the next opportunity I'm given by God.
 Let's make it a habit that good treatment will come more second nature to all of us. Rather than put downs, critical comments & bullying. And yes this bully said bullying, for you love ones that like to Point is we want to prevent tragic stories like this Jr. Seau's to continue through our kids. So it doesn't have to happen so often or happen at all. Jr Seau was a famous NFL player & role model to all races but especially polynesians/samoans. That they can make anything happen. If they work hard, w/heart & a loving family to see them through. He was 43 years old a life truely cut short... Seek the rainbows through the clouds And LIVE!
Today's Thank You Game challenge is to thank someone who has helped you be brave. (
I most want to thank
Maya Angelou for helping me to be brave. In my most fearful moments, she has been the one I relied on most, and called first.

Years ago I phoned her complaining about what I've now long forgotten. She shared these words, "Courage is the most important of all th...
e virtues, without it, you can practice no other." It takes courage to be kind when others are not. It takes courage to be truthful when a lie might suffice. It takes courage to keep moving forward, when you'd rather quit. I've learned that courage, or opting for bravery, is feeling the fear and still doing what is necessary to overcome it. And in the very act of bravery you don't feel brave but just feel what is true and most real.

Ironically one of my most desolate moments, barely being able to speak in between sobs of despair, I called Maya looking for comfort and sympathy. Instead she sternly chided me, "STOP IT" she said. "Stop your crying right now and say THANK YOU!"
"Why would I say thank you for this?" I said. "Say thank you because you know God, and you know He put a rainbow in every cloud. The rainbow is coming. Say thank you even though you can't see it. It's already there."
So in the worst of times, I still remind myself of that great lesson and say "Thank you"…and then prepare to see the rainbow.

Today's rainbow was post on
The Daily Love. I took the dogs out at 6am. Sat quietly under the oaks I call the Apostles, (because 12 of them together form a beautiful canopy). It's my favorite spot to Be.

Came back inside read The Daily Love and found the rainbow.

It was exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded.

Thank you Mastin Kipp for helping me be brave.


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