Sunday, May 13, 2012


Mom & King Tui
Mother's day was nice this year.. We missed having our dad here. Just because he's so funny when he's being bossy. It just feels with that nitch under his belt of experience. Not only does it cause us good time laughs. It actually does bring order to our family gatherings.
But the boys did a great job by taking charge this year. Rocky & Sea put on some yummy bbq, my sister Teuila made a delicious yellow cake and mom pulled off a nice tangy salad.. Simple has been the running theme with our recent holiday dinner's & it's proven to be a hit. 

Our Top Chefs
Rocky Afo & Sea Vainuku

Meaty Grub

Hard at work

Alot of love went into getting this dinner together. And though our mama's didn't really get to rest. Mom & Teuila on their day & during this weekend. They prove to me that a mother's work is never done. Their example reconfirmed to me that the love they have for their children is endless. And just like we're indebted to Heavenly Father for our blessings. I feel mother's carry that same class. That no matter what we do for them. We will never be able to pay off our debt because of how much they willingly give. And I'm humbled by those facts.

Mama In Training
Baby David & I

To all you mama's that do everything for us & don't always get the recognition & appreciation you deserve. Thank you for never giving in or giving up on us. Thank you for loving us especially when we are unlovable by our own selfishness. You are appreciated!
Those who have raised your children, are still awaiting to have a child and those who have bravely had to send your babies back to heaven. We love you! Happy Mother's Day

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