Friday, June 29, 2012

Dirty 30's

This past Wednesday my baby brother Rocky Afo turned 30 yrs old. He's second to the youngest & through his life has accomplished much & looks to accomplish many more great events. He's second to the youngest & has always put our family first. Just like I love my siblings Teuila,Roy & Tui. I hold a lot of respect & love for Rocky for his example he sets. He has four boys & his oldest son Tui turned 11 yrs old yesterday. We didn't get to celebrate with either of them. But know that their probably milking their special day.. And like my sister Katie Featherstone likes to say,
It's not just birthday one day celebrations. But she believe in  celebrating, peoples birthdays for the whole month. So I'm guessing I still have time to make it up to Rock & Tui..

Me & Rocc the Night w/the famz in Vegas
the night before saying farewell to our bro
Tuau Afo

Latest happenings in the oh so "Exciting Life of Overland."  I just put in my application to work w/my younger bro/Kinga Mapu Finau. Which I'm kind of excited about because we haven't worked since the summer before his mission. When I was attending my favorite family ward. Lehi Fa'taha in Utah,County. I'm hoping I get this job & so we'll see. I'll be cleaning aircrafts & looking for another place of employment with hopefully health benefits.
Crossing my eyes & everything else that can be

Good news today
1. I've been able to be less moody :) big A+ (Still need improving)
2. My homie Samoana got $500 to make more No Handed Bandit videos in order to help more amputees..
3. I listen to this talk today by Sister Oaks that really cheered me up.

So it was a better day, than most that I've had this past week.
I look forward to making tomorrow into next week twice as better. Oh and I watched "Walk the Line" all the way through this past week too. Story of the famous singer Johnny Cash.Just what this country girl needed.. I give this past week an 8 out of 10 on being a so so week. :) grateful for all of it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Back II December

Since last week it's been time spent exploring new things & getting to know myself on a different level. Last week after our Relief Society Presidency meeting, I gardened for the first time. I'm not a big homemaker but it was good.  And I see why people love getting a little dirty & witnessing the whole "nourishing,planting & observing life sprout of a garden. So it was nice..
The rest of the week was just spent trying to still
find a dress for my sister Doraleen Levao's wedding in August.
Feels like it's gonna be just around the corner.
Our first meeting was informative & it'll be exciting once everything is set & done.
Really looking & considering dying my hair auburn.
But we'll
Wrote my full-time missionaries & as usual though I don't always hear back from them. The opportunity to uplift them & encourage the sacrifices they make everyday. Always leaves me feeling good & especially because being a return missionary. I can only imagine what their going through since the standard & bar has rose to whole different level, then from when I was a full-time missionary.
I'm still super nanny for my nephews & King Tui, it's been a blessing. Which keeps me from going coocoo..
We had choir practice last night & it was nice. Alot of new people & we have a youth fireside next saturday. Which I'm excited for & especially since it's been forever from the last time we've sung.
Life isn't at all what & where I want it to be for myself. But with each passing day, I'm reminded of what I should be grateful for & not focus on what I don't have right now.
Here's my new jam & this week's goal is to live stronger for
Dec 31,2012! Miracle Making Date

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

People Like Us

I come from a family that possess a variety of mix cultures in our blood. Especially in my extended family, we have Tongan/Samoan, Palangi/Samoan, Mexican/Samoan, Fiji/Samoan, African America/Samoan, Asian/Samoan & etc just to mention a few..
So moving here in 1991 from Carson, California & residin in Gardena,California for a couple of years prior. You can say I've always loved being around different cultures.
Not to forget to mention, I served my LDS mission in L.A.,California area. All the more reason I will always be Cali-Girl fo'life.. :) But my love for that state isn't so much the issue today.
Today I wanted to talk about the ignorance of people but even moreso the ignorance of LDS members. 

I've never been one to use the race card neither have I ever been one to put down other races for their behavior. If  someone acts in different, annonying or stupid. I'm not one to say "Oh it's cuz their palangi or Eh their so stupid must be because their meauli."
NO! To me if someone is an idiot, I feel it's by their own free will & choice to be ignorant. Has nothing to do with their race, in my opinion. Anyway I had my first experience of witnessing prejudice, just yesterday. And it blew me away.

^^^^^^ That's my bestie Laitesha Lamb & we've known each other for a couple of years. She just got married to a palangi guy last year after attending Brigham Young University. So I haven't seen her since last year & we decided to meet up at my Ward Blding last night since she's in town. I'm in a Palangi Family Ward & the Palangi Singles meet in our blding.
 Well I was updating tesha on my lastest "Match Making" adventure while in the parking lot. Since I've dubbed myself "2012 Match Maker, Blind date setter upper."lol
And for those who know me, once I get into my stories, I usually lose focus on my surroundings.. Because my excitement of the minor & major details of how I tend to act out like some network sitacom character. lol  Which was the case last night. So I naturally  didn't all at once notice that I was leaning on  someones car during my madden storytelling time.. :)
Though occassionally in the middle of speaking, I briefly kept hearing this annonying click, click sound like 4 times.. I'm not slow but I wasn't tryna be distracted either, so I disregarded the background Well like any bestie who'd  ever get my back. She kept attentive to my story but out of no where, Tesha started to excuse us for standing by this palangi girls car. Which then I quickly came to from my story time coma & began to say sorry & the girl just rolled her eyes & walked into the ward blding.
And not even five minutes later she came back out leaving with some ignorant guy. Who proceeded to clear his throat as to communicate "We're leaving, would you move out of the way?"
Which got me all  pissed because I was like for real? We aren't even worth your time to construct words as to form a sentence like, "Hi we're leaving do you mind moving? Something to let us know that their not mute.. *arrrgggh*
And maybe they weren't being prejudice & thought we were just two loud color girls, being annonying standing around their car. Giving us the impression that they thought we were gonna steal it or something.
My logic says, especially if your a member of the church, the adult thing for them to have done, would've been to open their mouth and express they had a  problem with us being around their car. But they didn't & I couldn't even give them the satisfaction of looking their way as the car pulled out.  I might be totally wrong about the girl & her friend being prejudice. But last night if you all were there, I bet you all would've probably agree with me & tesha on how we felt. Or maybe Point blank though, PLEASE do me a favor people, especially if your LDS. If you have an issue, communicate it! Verbally because people like us aren't mind readers.. And neither are we the type to be so ignorant as to click a car alarm a number of times to hint our presence or clear our throats because all of sudden we can't speak english. Oh my,some people's children, I tell ya! What's really going on?

Monday, June 18, 2012


In the last month I've gone to 3 weddings & have more to attend in the coming months. Like I've mentioned it's been bittersweet. Sweet to see couples comit to each other. But bitter wondering "Where the hezzy is my Mr. Wonderful?"lol However I'm dealing really well & this past weekend was amazing. Thankful that my sister Crystal Ainuu below was able to make it happen & take me.

June 8th 2012 I was able to attend the sealing/wedding of a good friend.. Mareko "Random" Roberts to Via Tu'ikolovatu Roberts. Like I mentioned my original post was deleted. So this one won't be as long.. It was a beautiful sunny friday afternoon & I attended with D.J. Taufui & Sione "Dodi" Toutai..

Mark is an original member of the infamous "Ankle Croo." He's the one that Zzzzzzzz's all my tweets, laughs at my jokes (which most times aren't jokes but my opinions) but he insist on laughing at them, is the first one on the ysa dance floor to dance (whether alone or pulling me over) since he knows I enjoy dancing & the friend to go to random parks w/the croo or DH choir to bond.
My Random friend Mareko Roberts sealed to Via Roberts and that was last weeks wedding. Love him for he is becoming & accepting him for who he truly is, is why I call him my friend. And why I love him & his aiga.

June 15 this past Friday I got to see my Mapu family for baby Lavona's 1st Birthday. A totally chill evening & then ended up at a bonfire with my besties Marlene & Amanda. We invited some choir members & friends. I'd have to say guys are special & yeah.. We won't get into it right now.. :) but all I have to say is that verbal communication is a must while kicking it with new people. How else will you ever know if something can develop with that certain someone? If you choose to be quiet.
Well because of our all nighter this pass Friday, I decided to not sleep.I wanted to prevent myself from oversleeping into the next morning, just in case I miss the Fano/Fonua sealing. And how grateful I was for that decision because then I got to attend these two's sealing. My bff Jared Fano & my sis Maxine Fonua. This flick doesn't express just how fun loving these two are together & as individuals.

Their sealing was just more of a reminder of enduring with joy & one thing I love that was mentioned was "Keep your marriage within your marriage." Which I internalized as work problems out between each other & God, don't hold grudges & never cheat on each other. I was a bit of an emotion nut case during the sealing. Just so grateful for their friendships prior to Max serving a mission & then returning. Always being a sister I could laugh with & rely on while I'd teach ward fhe's or relief society. And Jared coming into the ward later & just promising to be bf's into the Vowing that we'd never divorce each other's friendship. So it was just a pleasure sharing this day with them since I couldn't attend their reception due to another wedding I was invited to be at that day. Love is truly in the air when it comes to these two.

And this is where I ended up at after Max & Jared's sealing. Right back at slc 2nd ward blding, celebrating with my uso Tory (groom) and his lovely bride Lori . Newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Tima, aren't they gorgeous? The food was bomb and running into family & friends was a major plus.
Tory is a choice uso & I'm just happy he's found his happily forever after with Lori. Remembering his heeded counsel "O remember this, while your praying fo'your spouse, believe in miracles; I prayed for a Japanese girl & now I'm gonna marry one."  :)
So I guess if I pray for an Irishmen, I'll get to marry Mr. Lucky Charms, yah?lol Nah but I know Tory is right. Faith & Works :)
Wishing our bro Anthony Happy Father's Day

Reunion w/Sister Nisha

And even better than running into just biological family. I was blessed to run into my favorite couple, the Sudbury's; Jackie & John. Whom give the best hugs & always leave me laughing for dayz, about the Salt Lake 2nd priesthood holders. All positive comments, I promise.. hehehehe. Anyway they are the sweetest couple for sure. Only downside is to our relationship is that John's a Utah Jazz Fan.. Shocking to him that I was an L.A. Laker fan, could've ended our friendship. But being their favorite samoan saved us.. lol Anyone blessed enough to meet these two would never regret it, cause I haven't..

Me & the Sudbury's

Next couples up to the wedding plate, will be my sisters Jasmine Brown next month and then Doraleen Levao coming this August. Great memories to be had :) Love season continues onward!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why oh Why?

Dang it! I was just about to post about an experience that I had at my good friend Mark Roberts wedding last weekend. Then noticed that post was deleted.. I HATE STARTING OVER on blog post that I have already put work in for & so instead getting really pissed. I'm just gonna blog about laughter lol.. Since laughter has been of a high demand in my life. Moreso in the last five seconds because of that deleted blog post.

Kay now envision your in a movie theatre watching a movie called
"WHY oh WHY? the ova chronicles.. Your enjoying your popcorn & soda.. Locking googly eyes with your boo and then lights,camera action the show begins.. :)
The scene is Mark Roberts reception is ending & everyone is cleaning up. And ova's just chilling getting to know her new friend Dan the muffin Then she notices a sister from her old ward. Names will be withheld for her Well Ova decides to say something. To acknowledge this sister's presence & here's how the rest of the scene goes down.. And we'll call her nicki.

Ova: "Hi sis"   
Nicki: "Are you married yet?"
Ova: Stunned expression by nicki's question
I barely uttered huh?
Nicki: "Cause you know if you aren't, I can't get married til you get married."
Ova: still in shock to what she's hearing turns to dan the muffin man.. "What the? no hello? how are you? how's the fams?
Ova: asking dan the muffin man, Do I have stuck on my forehead ask me that question am I married?"

Now here's the thing everyone? Oh btw the movie is  Kay I don't care to be asked whether I'm single. I've come accustomed to my singleness.. I get it that it's not time yet. Heavenly Father sees that I still have to work out somethings. So ok, I'm single.. What I'm not ok with is the abrupt approach people can have sometimes & then just laugh it off like it's nothing.

Is it fun to be single? No
Am I grateful to be single? Yes & No.. Yes because I don't have the stresses that married couples have. But No- because neither do I have the blessings that married couples gain.
But nonetheless being single I am still blessed. Just not the way married people are mainly focusing on the fact that they have a companion & I don't. So what I'm saying married people is pray for us don't mock us. Encourage us don't judge us & by all means talk to us don't try to cure us.. Singleness isn't a disease but a position we're in for only God knows why. And to me is testing us. On how faithful we will be until we get to be in the "Married Couples" club with the rest of you. By all means again support us.. Because really in our generation it isn't easy at all having to live as a single person..

Alrightie I promised I wanted to talk about laughter. So let's talk about it. :) I returned to visit my old ward slc 2nd. They were having a luau & I swore that I wouldn't go back.. But I've given in because I realize even though we were asked to leave the ward because of our age. The people of the ward are still my friends & supporting them through activities is alright. And even though I might feel out of place because I'm still single & coming back to the ward. And by some peoples outlook  that I shouldn't be back. That day I was ok for being there. 
The food was great esp the mango otai so bomb, Hans aka Chubby Fonoimoana did a great job MC'ing the night away and the entertainment from ward members was a treat.

Made me miss^^^^^^^ my dancing days & just all the activites that came with being in the ward. It's a bitter sweet experience each time I go back. Because where I am right now is where I know I need to be even though I don't want to be. And yet the fact that I can return to my friends in SLC 2nd without reservations on my part. Even though others may judge me for my age in attending the ward activities. Really is of no importance to me. At least not Because again SLC 2nd YSA is where my heart is & I'm so happy for all the success their accomplishing..
And really can't get myself to stay away. Bittersweet I tell ya!lol
At any rate during closing remarks the stk rep asked "Why are you here?" someone blurted "To get married!" And I felt weird just because though marriage is my goal & once that remark was exclaimed from behind us. I felt weird because I'm not part of the ward or even the stake. But then the stk repp repeated the question again "Why are you here?" And I was able to  answered to myself I was there because I miss & love my SLC 2nd ysas. My ward family that I was apart of for five years..*yikes did I really just share that*lol Anyways, finally I was at peace with being there that night & the fact that I will continue to go. When & if I feel like it. Plus I got to see my favorite couple Jackie & John Sudbury.. their amazing & when I get married I wanna find me someone like him & be just as great as Jackie. :)

And since some of you who are reading, might not of been there that night for the luau. I present  a taste of my loves, my passion of dance, service, friendship & unity.. I give you Salt Lake 2nd YSA & the samoan section! Dancing to my favorite samoan mix.. Cheeeeewhooo Tama fo'i mai! for the 2nd w/my fist pump in the air & hand across my heart....

Lei,Rocky and Donnie are the first to walk in then None & I don't know the other guy & then Chubs is the fully dressed one..


I hate whining or playing victum to any circumstance or problem. But I can't say it's stopped me from allowing myself to fall into those feelings. And when I get like that I hate to blog, because I tend to feel like a big baby. But the thing about being a blog junkie is that even, if I'm in those negative moods. Blogging seems to calm me down & so that's one of my reasons for writing. Can't just write when everything is happy happy, joy joy. And yet at the same time it's not excuse to post negative msgs, just because the day has been rough.. Point blank this is me being whiny over a badd
Good thing for TVLand cuz during this rollercoaster of moodness. They were promoting a new sitcom called The Soul Man. Which  features Cedric the Entertainer & the wife had me rolling as she said "Lack of booty makes you moody." bahahaha Exactly what I needed to hear to crack me up. (I love to laugh) 
Her comment reminded me of a discussion I once had with my family sisters on the subject of getting married & how once people have been "deflowered." it's a whole new ballpark lol
That their happier & the difference they were seeing in one of our sisters that just got hitched was hillarious. (her uptighness seem to disappear) And so to remember that sister discussion just by this comedians scripted line "Lack of booty makes you moody."lol  Had me thinking maybe, there is some truth to that So if you married people are moody. Maybe that's something you might what to think over & spend some quality time with your boo. And if your single, I would suggest get a move on your love life. Work towards dating to get married & then plant your "seeds" in a garden worth nourishing after you've picked your flower.. :) Otherwise be one with your moodness and dry up like weeds... ;( lol but I think a flowered garden is the better option.

So before Mareko's wedding I mentioned that I was playing matchmaker for my friends. It was a spare of the moment idea that my Taufui Sisters & I talked over which I followed through.. Out of respect to the participants their names have been changed.  During brainstorming matching people up in my  process. I have to say I was super excited. Excited for them because they seemed to be alike in alot of ways but still different to keep their individuality as a balance.
But actually getting these two together, was a lot of hard work. Matchmaker could've killed these two but in the end everything worked out in getting them to go out.
This is what I learned; People stress out way too much when getting set up. I got questions galore and these questions were valid. But I saw on both sides that their was a lack of trust & faith. Lack of trust that I would set them up with some nut case or something, Lack of Trust in  the great qualities they had to offer & Lack of Trust that God had their back. But the biggest lesson I learned about people not wanting to get set up on dates or to actually set themselves up on dates is their lack of faith in themselves. That their worthy of love giving & receiving it. Whether or not this date would be the date of their dreams.. I felt there was too much expectations on both their parts. And not enough faith to just go out & have a good time.

I understand people have preferences, which is alright. Who doesn't? But what I also learned is our perferences can blindside us & we lose sight of getting to know a good person.  So the questions were the following. Now remember this was for friends that are LDS and that's why the questions are what they appear on this post to being.

"Is he a worthy priesthood holder?"  "Is she white?" , "Why did you pick me?" "Is he poly at least?"  "Do I know her?"
At that point MADDDDNESSS  is all I felt, because other than the "Is he a worthy priesthood holder?" question. The other questions were silly to me. Then to throw a wrench into the "single date" one of the participants turned it into a "double date." More blindsiding I wasn't prepared for or enjoyed during this set up.

So like I said they finally found out who they'd be going on a date with & went. They made the best of their time together. And the final decision was that they'd remain friends. Which again is totally fine. But my 2 cents for anyone who is single & reading. DON'T BE so afraid of going on blind dates or regular dates for that matter. Because all a date is in reality to me and something I heard long time ago. A date is two people spending time together to decide if they want to continue to spend more time together. In the long run to see if they'll get married..

 But even though dating with the purpose of getting married is a goal. And for alot of people that goal can be scarey. I'm telling you it shouldn't be such a fear factor to not date. Whether you've dated & have been rejected constantly. Or you've just returned from some kind of military or missionary service & you don't know how to date. Date anyway! Or you've been engaged,divorced or cheated on GET OUT & DATE!!
Otherwise progression is at a standstill, friendships cease to turn into lasting eternal relationships & you allow yourself to give up too soon. When you might've been on the verge of meeting that special someone.
If Elder Groberg can find his true love off of a blind date, so can you! To me dating without fear is totally possible. Even if you don't end up getting hitched to that person. Off of a great tweet, IF YOUR TIRED OF STARTING OVER, THAN STOP GIVING UP.
And I would extend that challenge & also add.. STOP GIVING UP ON YOURSELF & ON THE RIGHT PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO DATE U TO SEE IF YOU COULD FIND ETERNAL LOVE BETWEEN EACH OTHER. sTOP GETTING BLINDSIDED BY THE WRONG PEOPLE.. life is too short JUST DO IT GO out and date/blind dates.. Why not? Really what do you have to lose?
 Anyway even though match making isn't the business. Because people can be difficult & freak out. I wouldn't mind doing it again to learn more about how genders interact. :) And what not to do on a date.Which will be a post to laugh at since I tend to have dating stories that is pure comedy. Just ask my sisters lol :)
And don't you all worry. This matchmaker will be in the hotseat in the next few weeks. Applying what she preaches..  Summah loving here comes the teacha!!! preacha preacha preacha!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Other Side of Heaven

Do you ever wish you were on the other side of heaven? When life is just super stressful, things don't go the way you want & people don't act the way they should. Have you ever felt like spock exclaiming, "Beam me up Scotty?" Well have you? Well I know I have & I'm sure my family has wanted to zap me a few times, when I've been in that type of mood around them.. Anyhow I bring that up because as LDS members we believe that on "The Other side" or in "Heaven" we believe that our deceased love ones are still alive. We believe that their doing God's missionary work & they are watching over us. Which is all the more reason that I sometimes wish to get beamed up to the Other side of heaven. :) But with all complaining

In my last post I mentioned that I was hoping to attend a fireside at my old Young Single Adult Salt Lake 2nd Ward & I did. Thanks to Marlene & Amanda. The speaker like I mentioned was Elder John H. Groberg. A palagi member of the church that in 1954 was called to serve in the Tongan Mission for three yrs.
Well the fireside was just what I needed. He & his wife Gene talked about the movie, that documented his life & mission. Which is known as "The Other Side of Heaven." He testified about the only reason we're not in the spiritual position that we desire is because we "HAVE NO FAITH IN CHRIST!" if we did we would Obey more easily, Pray more fervantly and Trust in God more faithfully. It made perfect sense & it wasn't like that was a news flash to any of us in attendance. But in the manner that he prepared,delivered & sealed what he was saying was what made the difference.

He said if we're not married its because we HAVE NO FAITH IN CHRIST , in God's Timing, Planning & Encouraging when he finally does tell us to do what he says.
He went onto say if we're not getting answers to our prayers it's because we have NO FAITH in LISTENING & ACTING ON what God says when he says MOVE IT! We don't accept that he's actually, answering us the first time we ask. Because the answers come so quickly sometimes. We second guess his answers & seek to counsel him on what to do rather than listening to his counsel the first time.

And finally Elder Groberg said we HAVE NO FAITH IN CHRIST during our STORMS OF LIFE because we DON'T TRUST IN GOD ENOUGH.. Because we all believe that we are sinners but don't believe or know that we are forgiven through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Elder Groberg went onto encourage DO WHAT YOU NEED & KNOW YOU SHOULD  DO & JUST DO IT NOW..So easy & yet like yourselves, I too make it so hard to accomplish because of my own ignorance or pride..

When I thanked Elder Groberg for his testimony. I asked him, "What would you counsel someone who is struggling with deciding to go on a mission or not whether their female or male?" And he testified..
"Tell your friend to pray & fast. But don't pray to the lord the following; "Should I go on a mission or should I not go on a mission?" Tell your friend to pray "I want to go on a mission" then follow whatever the spirit may direct & they should get their answer.
I loved his counsel & after talking to a few of my sisters Mea & Caroline about missionary work. Mea stated "You can never go wrong by serving a mission." coming from someone that didn't serve a full-time mission.

And my answer would be the same as mea's. But with the view of   if you never took or had the opportunity to serve a mission. You still haven't gone wrong.(that's only if you didn't go against the spirit that you should've went and you didn't, would be the only exception) But my opinion is "You can never go wrong by not serving if you went about it in the right process prayerfully." But once you've made the decision. Then live with it & don't live with "What ifs? should'ves? could'ves or my testimony isn't as valuable as a fulltime missionary or return missionary.  If it weren't valuable than missionaries wouldn't need your fellowship when they've left their service to return home.."

The biggest disservice you can give to a new convert is to compare your testimony to others & not understand converison isn't an end all event. But is a constant process for both people who are born under the covenant & those converted after the age of eight. Do not live as a member victimized because you weren't a convert baptism.. Look at your baptism as a blessing & example for others to want to believe. In order for them to make it back to the other side of heaven. God loves all his children for their hearts.