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I hate whining or playing victum to any circumstance or problem. But I can't say it's stopped me from allowing myself to fall into those feelings. And when I get like that I hate to blog, because I tend to feel like a big baby. But the thing about being a blog junkie is that even, if I'm in those negative moods. Blogging seems to calm me down & so that's one of my reasons for writing. Can't just write when everything is happy happy, joy joy. And yet at the same time it's not excuse to post negative msgs, just because the day has been rough.. Point blank this is me being whiny over a badd
Good thing for TVLand cuz during this rollercoaster of moodness. They were promoting a new sitcom called The Soul Man. Which  features Cedric the Entertainer & the wife had me rolling as she said "Lack of booty makes you moody." bahahaha Exactly what I needed to hear to crack me up. (I love to laugh) 
Her comment reminded me of a discussion I once had with my family sisters on the subject of getting married & how once people have been "deflowered." it's a whole new ballpark lol
That their happier & the difference they were seeing in one of our sisters that just got hitched was hillarious. (her uptighness seem to disappear) And so to remember that sister discussion just by this comedians scripted line "Lack of booty makes you moody."lol  Had me thinking maybe, there is some truth to that So if you married people are moody. Maybe that's something you might what to think over & spend some quality time with your boo. And if your single, I would suggest get a move on your love life. Work towards dating to get married & then plant your "seeds" in a garden worth nourishing after you've picked your flower.. :) Otherwise be one with your moodness and dry up like weeds... ;( lol but I think a flowered garden is the better option.

So before Mareko's wedding I mentioned that I was playing matchmaker for my friends. It was a spare of the moment idea that my Taufui Sisters & I talked over which I followed through.. Out of respect to the participants their names have been changed.  During brainstorming matching people up in my  process. I have to say I was super excited. Excited for them because they seemed to be alike in alot of ways but still different to keep their individuality as a balance.
But actually getting these two together, was a lot of hard work. Matchmaker could've killed these two but in the end everything worked out in getting them to go out.
This is what I learned; People stress out way too much when getting set up. I got questions galore and these questions were valid. But I saw on both sides that their was a lack of trust & faith. Lack of trust that I would set them up with some nut case or something, Lack of Trust in  the great qualities they had to offer & Lack of Trust that God had their back. But the biggest lesson I learned about people not wanting to get set up on dates or to actually set themselves up on dates is their lack of faith in themselves. That their worthy of love giving & receiving it. Whether or not this date would be the date of their dreams.. I felt there was too much expectations on both their parts. And not enough faith to just go out & have a good time.

I understand people have preferences, which is alright. Who doesn't? But what I also learned is our perferences can blindside us & we lose sight of getting to know a good person.  So the questions were the following. Now remember this was for friends that are LDS and that's why the questions are what they appear on this post to being.

"Is he a worthy priesthood holder?"  "Is she white?" , "Why did you pick me?" "Is he poly at least?"  "Do I know her?"
At that point MADDDDNESSS  is all I felt, because other than the "Is he a worthy priesthood holder?" question. The other questions were silly to me. Then to throw a wrench into the "single date" one of the participants turned it into a "double date." More blindsiding I wasn't prepared for or enjoyed during this set up.

So like I said they finally found out who they'd be going on a date with & went. They made the best of their time together. And the final decision was that they'd remain friends. Which again is totally fine. But my 2 cents for anyone who is single & reading. DON'T BE so afraid of going on blind dates or regular dates for that matter. Because all a date is in reality to me and something I heard long time ago. A date is two people spending time together to decide if they want to continue to spend more time together. In the long run to see if they'll get married..

 But even though dating with the purpose of getting married is a goal. And for alot of people that goal can be scarey. I'm telling you it shouldn't be such a fear factor to not date. Whether you've dated & have been rejected constantly. Or you've just returned from some kind of military or missionary service & you don't know how to date. Date anyway! Or you've been engaged,divorced or cheated on GET OUT & DATE!!
Otherwise progression is at a standstill, friendships cease to turn into lasting eternal relationships & you allow yourself to give up too soon. When you might've been on the verge of meeting that special someone.
If Elder Groberg can find his true love off of a blind date, so can you! To me dating without fear is totally possible. Even if you don't end up getting hitched to that person. Off of a great tweet, IF YOUR TIRED OF STARTING OVER, THAN STOP GIVING UP.
And I would extend that challenge & also add.. STOP GIVING UP ON YOURSELF & ON THE RIGHT PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO DATE U TO SEE IF YOU COULD FIND ETERNAL LOVE BETWEEN EACH OTHER. sTOP GETTING BLINDSIDED BY THE WRONG PEOPLE.. life is too short JUST DO IT GO out and date/blind dates.. Why not? Really what do you have to lose?
 Anyway even though match making isn't the business. Because people can be difficult & freak out. I wouldn't mind doing it again to learn more about how genders interact. :) And what not to do on a date.Which will be a post to laugh at since I tend to have dating stories that is pure comedy. Just ask my sisters lol :)
And don't you all worry. This matchmaker will be in the hotseat in the next few weeks. Applying what she preaches..  Summah loving here comes the teacha!!! preacha preacha preacha!

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