Friday, June 29, 2012

Dirty 30's

This past Wednesday my baby brother Rocky Afo turned 30 yrs old. He's second to the youngest & through his life has accomplished much & looks to accomplish many more great events. He's second to the youngest & has always put our family first. Just like I love my siblings Teuila,Roy & Tui. I hold a lot of respect & love for Rocky for his example he sets. He has four boys & his oldest son Tui turned 11 yrs old yesterday. We didn't get to celebrate with either of them. But know that their probably milking their special day.. And like my sister Katie Featherstone likes to say,
It's not just birthday one day celebrations. But she believe in  celebrating, peoples birthdays for the whole month. So I'm guessing I still have time to make it up to Rock & Tui..

Me & Rocc the Night w/the famz in Vegas
the night before saying farewell to our bro
Tuau Afo

Latest happenings in the oh so "Exciting Life of Overland."  I just put in my application to work w/my younger bro/Kinga Mapu Finau. Which I'm kind of excited about because we haven't worked since the summer before his mission. When I was attending my favorite family ward. Lehi Fa'taha in Utah,County. I'm hoping I get this job & so we'll see. I'll be cleaning aircrafts & looking for another place of employment with hopefully health benefits.
Crossing my eyes & everything else that can be

Good news today
1. I've been able to be less moody :) big A+ (Still need improving)
2. My homie Samoana got $500 to make more No Handed Bandit videos in order to help more amputees..
3. I listen to this talk today by Sister Oaks that really cheered me up.

So it was a better day, than most that I've had this past week.
I look forward to making tomorrow into next week twice as better. Oh and I watched "Walk the Line" all the way through this past week too. Story of the famous singer Johnny Cash.Just what this country girl needed.. I give this past week an 8 out of 10 on being a so so week. :) grateful for all of it.

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