Monday, June 18, 2012


In the last month I've gone to 3 weddings & have more to attend in the coming months. Like I've mentioned it's been bittersweet. Sweet to see couples comit to each other. But bitter wondering "Where the hezzy is my Mr. Wonderful?"lol However I'm dealing really well & this past weekend was amazing. Thankful that my sister Crystal Ainuu below was able to make it happen & take me.

June 8th 2012 I was able to attend the sealing/wedding of a good friend.. Mareko "Random" Roberts to Via Tu'ikolovatu Roberts. Like I mentioned my original post was deleted. So this one won't be as long.. It was a beautiful sunny friday afternoon & I attended with D.J. Taufui & Sione "Dodi" Toutai..

Mark is an original member of the infamous "Ankle Croo." He's the one that Zzzzzzzz's all my tweets, laughs at my jokes (which most times aren't jokes but my opinions) but he insist on laughing at them, is the first one on the ysa dance floor to dance (whether alone or pulling me over) since he knows I enjoy dancing & the friend to go to random parks w/the croo or DH choir to bond.
My Random friend Mareko Roberts sealed to Via Roberts and that was last weeks wedding. Love him for he is becoming & accepting him for who he truly is, is why I call him my friend. And why I love him & his aiga.

June 15 this past Friday I got to see my Mapu family for baby Lavona's 1st Birthday. A totally chill evening & then ended up at a bonfire with my besties Marlene & Amanda. We invited some choir members & friends. I'd have to say guys are special & yeah.. We won't get into it right now.. :) but all I have to say is that verbal communication is a must while kicking it with new people. How else will you ever know if something can develop with that certain someone? If you choose to be quiet.
Well because of our all nighter this pass Friday, I decided to not sleep.I wanted to prevent myself from oversleeping into the next morning, just in case I miss the Fano/Fonua sealing. And how grateful I was for that decision because then I got to attend these two's sealing. My bff Jared Fano & my sis Maxine Fonua. This flick doesn't express just how fun loving these two are together & as individuals.

Their sealing was just more of a reminder of enduring with joy & one thing I love that was mentioned was "Keep your marriage within your marriage." Which I internalized as work problems out between each other & God, don't hold grudges & never cheat on each other. I was a bit of an emotion nut case during the sealing. Just so grateful for their friendships prior to Max serving a mission & then returning. Always being a sister I could laugh with & rely on while I'd teach ward fhe's or relief society. And Jared coming into the ward later & just promising to be bf's into the Vowing that we'd never divorce each other's friendship. So it was just a pleasure sharing this day with them since I couldn't attend their reception due to another wedding I was invited to be at that day. Love is truly in the air when it comes to these two.

And this is where I ended up at after Max & Jared's sealing. Right back at slc 2nd ward blding, celebrating with my uso Tory (groom) and his lovely bride Lori . Newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Tima, aren't they gorgeous? The food was bomb and running into family & friends was a major plus.
Tory is a choice uso & I'm just happy he's found his happily forever after with Lori. Remembering his heeded counsel "O remember this, while your praying fo'your spouse, believe in miracles; I prayed for a Japanese girl & now I'm gonna marry one."  :)
So I guess if I pray for an Irishmen, I'll get to marry Mr. Lucky Charms, yah?lol Nah but I know Tory is right. Faith & Works :)
Wishing our bro Anthony Happy Father's Day

Reunion w/Sister Nisha

And even better than running into just biological family. I was blessed to run into my favorite couple, the Sudbury's; Jackie & John. Whom give the best hugs & always leave me laughing for dayz, about the Salt Lake 2nd priesthood holders. All positive comments, I promise.. hehehehe. Anyway they are the sweetest couple for sure. Only downside is to our relationship is that John's a Utah Jazz Fan.. Shocking to him that I was an L.A. Laker fan, could've ended our friendship. But being their favorite samoan saved us.. lol Anyone blessed enough to meet these two would never regret it, cause I haven't..

Me & the Sudbury's

Next couples up to the wedding plate, will be my sisters Jasmine Brown next month and then Doraleen Levao coming this August. Great memories to be had :) Love season continues onward!

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