Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Other Side of Heaven

Do you ever wish you were on the other side of heaven? When life is just super stressful, things don't go the way you want & people don't act the way they should. Have you ever felt like spock exclaiming, "Beam me up Scotty?" Well have you? Well I know I have & I'm sure my family has wanted to zap me a few times, when I've been in that type of mood around them.. Anyhow I bring that up because as LDS members we believe that on "The Other side" or in "Heaven" we believe that our deceased love ones are still alive. We believe that their doing God's missionary work & they are watching over us. Which is all the more reason that I sometimes wish to get beamed up to the Other side of heaven. :) But with all complaining aside..lol

In my last post I mentioned that I was hoping to attend a fireside at my old Young Single Adult Salt Lake 2nd Ward & I did. Thanks to Marlene & Amanda. The speaker like I mentioned was Elder John H. Groberg. A palagi member of the church that in 1954 was called to serve in the Tongan Mission for three yrs.
Well the fireside was just what I needed. He & his wife Gene talked about the movie, that documented his life & mission. Which is known as "The Other Side of Heaven." He testified about the only reason we're not in the spiritual position that we desire is because we "HAVE NO FAITH IN CHRIST!" if we did we would Obey more easily, Pray more fervantly and Trust in God more faithfully. It made perfect sense & it wasn't like that was a news flash to any of us in attendance. But in the manner that he prepared,delivered & sealed what he was saying was what made the difference.

He said if we're not married its because we HAVE NO FAITH IN CHRIST , in God's Timing, Planning & Encouraging when he finally does tell us to do what he says.
He went onto say if we're not getting answers to our prayers it's because we have NO FAITH in LISTENING & ACTING ON what God says when he says MOVE IT! We don't accept that he's actually, answering us the first time we ask. Because the answers come so quickly sometimes. We second guess his answers & seek to counsel him on what to do rather than listening to his counsel the first time.

And finally Elder Groberg said we HAVE NO FAITH IN CHRIST during our STORMS OF LIFE because we DON'T TRUST IN GOD ENOUGH.. Because we all believe that we are sinners but don't believe or know that we are forgiven through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Elder Groberg went onto encourage DO WHAT YOU NEED & KNOW YOU SHOULD  DO & JUST DO IT NOW..So easy & yet like yourselves, I too make it so hard to accomplish because of my own ignorance or pride..

When I thanked Elder Groberg for his testimony. I asked him, "What would you counsel someone who is struggling with deciding to go on a mission or not whether their female or male?" And he testified..
"Tell your friend to pray & fast. But don't pray to the lord the following; "Should I go on a mission or should I not go on a mission?" Tell your friend to pray "I want to go on a mission" then follow whatever the spirit may direct & they should get their answer.
I loved his counsel & after talking to a few of my sisters Mea & Caroline about missionary work. Mea stated "You can never go wrong by serving a mission." coming from someone that didn't serve a full-time mission.

And my answer would be the same as mea's. But with the view of   if you never took or had the opportunity to serve a mission. You still haven't gone wrong.(that's only if you didn't go against the spirit that you should've went and you didn't, would be the only exception) But my opinion is "You can never go wrong by not serving if you went about it in the right process prayerfully." But once you've made the decision. Then live with it & don't live with "What ifs? should'ves? could'ves or my testimony isn't as valuable as a fulltime missionary or return missionary.  If it weren't valuable than missionaries wouldn't need your fellowship when they've left their service to return home.."

The biggest disservice you can give to a new convert is to compare your testimony to others & not understand converison isn't an end all event. But is a constant process for both people who are born under the covenant & those converted after the age of eight. Do not live as a member victimized because you weren't a convert baptism.. Look at your baptism as a blessing & example for others to want to believe. In order for them to make it back to the other side of heaven. God loves all his children for their hearts.

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