Wednesday, June 20, 2012

People Like Us

I come from a family that possess a variety of mix cultures in our blood. Especially in my extended family, we have Tongan/Samoan, Palangi/Samoan, Mexican/Samoan, Fiji/Samoan, African America/Samoan, Asian/Samoan & etc just to mention a few..
So moving here in 1991 from Carson, California & residin in Gardena,California for a couple of years prior. You can say I've always loved being around different cultures.
Not to forget to mention, I served my LDS mission in L.A.,California area. All the more reason I will always be Cali-Girl fo'life.. :) But my love for that state isn't so much the issue today.
Today I wanted to talk about the ignorance of people but even moreso the ignorance of LDS members. 

I've never been one to use the race card neither have I ever been one to put down other races for their behavior. If  someone acts in different, annonying or stupid. I'm not one to say "Oh it's cuz their palangi or Eh their so stupid must be because their meauli."
NO! To me if someone is an idiot, I feel it's by their own free will & choice to be ignorant. Has nothing to do with their race, in my opinion. Anyway I had my first experience of witnessing prejudice, just yesterday. And it blew me away.

^^^^^^ That's my bestie Laitesha Lamb & we've known each other for a couple of years. She just got married to a palangi guy last year after attending Brigham Young University. So I haven't seen her since last year & we decided to meet up at my Ward Blding last night since she's in town. I'm in a Palangi Family Ward & the Palangi Singles meet in our blding.
 Well I was updating tesha on my lastest "Match Making" adventure while in the parking lot. Since I've dubbed myself "2012 Match Maker, Blind date setter upper."lol
And for those who know me, once I get into my stories, I usually lose focus on my surroundings.. Because my excitement of the minor & major details of how I tend to act out like some network sitacom character. lol  Which was the case last night. So I naturally  didn't all at once notice that I was leaning on  someones car during my madden storytelling time.. :)
Though occassionally in the middle of speaking, I briefly kept hearing this annonying click, click sound like 4 times.. I'm not slow but I wasn't tryna be distracted either, so I disregarded the background Well like any bestie who'd  ever get my back. She kept attentive to my story but out of no where, Tesha started to excuse us for standing by this palangi girls car. Which then I quickly came to from my story time coma & began to say sorry & the girl just rolled her eyes & walked into the ward blding.
And not even five minutes later she came back out leaving with some ignorant guy. Who proceeded to clear his throat as to communicate "We're leaving, would you move out of the way?"
Which got me all  pissed because I was like for real? We aren't even worth your time to construct words as to form a sentence like, "Hi we're leaving do you mind moving? Something to let us know that their not mute.. *arrrgggh*
And maybe they weren't being prejudice & thought we were just two loud color girls, being annonying standing around their car. Giving us the impression that they thought we were gonna steal it or something.
My logic says, especially if your a member of the church, the adult thing for them to have done, would've been to open their mouth and express they had a  problem with us being around their car. But they didn't & I couldn't even give them the satisfaction of looking their way as the car pulled out.  I might be totally wrong about the girl & her friend being prejudice. But last night if you all were there, I bet you all would've probably agree with me & tesha on how we felt. Or maybe Point blank though, PLEASE do me a favor people, especially if your LDS. If you have an issue, communicate it! Verbally because people like us aren't mind readers.. And neither are we the type to be so ignorant as to click a car alarm a number of times to hint our presence or clear our throats because all of sudden we can't speak english. Oh my,some people's children, I tell ya! What's really going on?

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