Monday, June 25, 2012

Back II December

Since last week it's been time spent exploring new things & getting to know myself on a different level. Last week after our Relief Society Presidency meeting, I gardened for the first time. I'm not a big homemaker but it was good.  And I see why people love getting a little dirty & witnessing the whole "nourishing,planting & observing life sprout of a garden. So it was nice..
The rest of the week was just spent trying to still
find a dress for my sister Doraleen Levao's wedding in August.
Feels like it's gonna be just around the corner.
Our first meeting was informative & it'll be exciting once everything is set & done.
Really looking & considering dying my hair auburn.
But we'll
Wrote my full-time missionaries & as usual though I don't always hear back from them. The opportunity to uplift them & encourage the sacrifices they make everyday. Always leaves me feeling good & especially because being a return missionary. I can only imagine what their going through since the standard & bar has rose to whole different level, then from when I was a full-time missionary.
I'm still super nanny for my nephews & King Tui, it's been a blessing. Which keeps me from going coocoo..
We had choir practice last night & it was nice. Alot of new people & we have a youth fireside next saturday. Which I'm excited for & especially since it's been forever from the last time we've sung.
Life isn't at all what & where I want it to be for myself. But with each passing day, I'm reminded of what I should be grateful for & not focus on what I don't have right now.
Here's my new jam & this week's goal is to live stronger for
Dec 31,2012! Miracle Making Date

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