Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why oh Why?

Dang it! I was just about to post about an experience that I had at my good friend Mark Roberts wedding last weekend. Then noticed that post was deleted.. I HATE STARTING OVER on blog post that I have already put work in for & so instead getting really pissed. I'm just gonna blog about laughter lol.. Since laughter has been of a high demand in my life. Moreso in the last five seconds because of that deleted blog post.

Kay now envision your in a movie theatre watching a movie called
"WHY oh WHY? the ova chronicles.. Your enjoying your popcorn & soda.. Locking googly eyes with your boo and then lights,camera action the show begins.. :)
The scene is Mark Roberts reception is ending & everyone is cleaning up. And ova's just chilling getting to know her new friend Dan the muffin Then she notices a sister from her old ward. Names will be withheld for her Well Ova decides to say something. To acknowledge this sister's presence & here's how the rest of the scene goes down.. And we'll call her nicki.

Ova: "Hi sis"   
Nicki: "Are you married yet?"
Ova: Stunned expression by nicki's question
I barely uttered huh?
Nicki: "Cause you know if you aren't, I can't get married til you get married."
Ova: still in shock to what she's hearing turns to dan the muffin man.. "What the? no hello? how are you? how's the fams?
Ova: asking dan the muffin man, Do I have stuck on my forehead ask me that question am I married?"

Now here's the thing everyone? Oh btw the movie is  Kay I don't care to be asked whether I'm single. I've come accustomed to my singleness.. I get it that it's not time yet. Heavenly Father sees that I still have to work out somethings. So ok, I'm single.. What I'm not ok with is the abrupt approach people can have sometimes & then just laugh it off like it's nothing.

Is it fun to be single? No
Am I grateful to be single? Yes & No.. Yes because I don't have the stresses that married couples have. But No- because neither do I have the blessings that married couples gain.
But nonetheless being single I am still blessed. Just not the way married people are mainly focusing on the fact that they have a companion & I don't. So what I'm saying married people is pray for us don't mock us. Encourage us don't judge us & by all means talk to us don't try to cure us.. Singleness isn't a disease but a position we're in for only God knows why. And to me is testing us. On how faithful we will be until we get to be in the "Married Couples" club with the rest of you. By all means again support us.. Because really in our generation it isn't easy at all having to live as a single person..

Alrightie I promised I wanted to talk about laughter. So let's talk about it. :) I returned to visit my old ward slc 2nd. They were having a luau & I swore that I wouldn't go back.. But I've given in because I realize even though we were asked to leave the ward because of our age. The people of the ward are still my friends & supporting them through activities is alright. And even though I might feel out of place because I'm still single & coming back to the ward. And by some peoples outlook  that I shouldn't be back. That day I was ok for being there. 
The food was great esp the mango otai so bomb, Hans aka Chubby Fonoimoana did a great job MC'ing the night away and the entertainment from ward members was a treat.

Made me miss^^^^^^^ my dancing days & just all the activites that came with being in the ward. It's a bitter sweet experience each time I go back. Because where I am right now is where I know I need to be even though I don't want to be. And yet the fact that I can return to my friends in SLC 2nd without reservations on my part. Even though others may judge me for my age in attending the ward activities. Really is of no importance to me. At least not Because again SLC 2nd YSA is where my heart is & I'm so happy for all the success their accomplishing..
And really can't get myself to stay away. Bittersweet I tell ya!lol
At any rate during closing remarks the stk rep asked "Why are you here?" someone blurted "To get married!" And I felt weird just because though marriage is my goal & once that remark was exclaimed from behind us. I felt weird because I'm not part of the ward or even the stake. But then the stk repp repeated the question again "Why are you here?" And I was able to  answered to myself I was there because I miss & love my SLC 2nd ysas. My ward family that I was apart of for five years..*yikes did I really just share that*lol Anyways, finally I was at peace with being there that night & the fact that I will continue to go. When & if I feel like it. Plus I got to see my favorite couple Jackie & John Sudbury.. their amazing & when I get married I wanna find me someone like him & be just as great as Jackie. :)

And since some of you who are reading, might not of been there that night for the luau. I present  a taste of my loves, my passion of dance, service, friendship & unity.. I give you Salt Lake 2nd YSA & the samoan section! Dancing to my favorite samoan mix.. Cheeeeewhooo Tama fo'i mai! for the 2nd w/my fist pump in the air & hand across my heart....

Lei,Rocky and Donnie are the first to walk in then None & I don't know the other guy & then Chubs is the fully dressed one..

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