Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And So I Write

That blog title "And so I write," was one I stole from my bro Mycal Alo.. So gotta give him kudos. There's alot that has been trying me lately. But instead of blogging it out as usual. I'm gonna attempt to "Freedom Write" in the form of a poem. But if it doesn't come out as a normal poem.. Then it's just me "Vent Writing." Anyway hope it inspires you & if it doesn't hopefully someone will be.

I sang alone the other day
But I was met by a choir of angels
Divine Heritage pulsed their souls
They lifted the audience
like no other choir could
They testified of a rod of iron
For the youth to never let go
Rekindling testimonies that longed to give up..

I witnessed men treat women like queens
Gentle gestures nothing to extreme.
Quiet Dignity beamed off their glow
These men taught humble lessons
That little boys aren't ready to uphold
These men didn't do it for show
I noticed real men step up that day
I witnessed them be thoughtful men, that didn't need to be told.

I lost another love one to creeping death
We called him sumo
While the world knew him as anderson soni mapu lotulelei.
A steadfast solider of  enduring faith
Who triumphed over every physical & emotional pain
life could give
He will be missed dearly
And yet through the strength of our Lord
We know we'll be reunited one day
Family angels never really fly that far way
Til we meet again in our heavenly home.
We love you Soni "Sumo" Mapu Lotulelei.
By Overland Afo
Sumo & Me @ Auntie Vena Mapu Finau's
My cousin wouldn't want us to be sad & he loved to dance.. One of his shirts he'd wear said "I'm kind of a Big Deal." So this beyonce cut would be fitting for our dancing bro.. Because he is & was a big deal to all of us & am so proud to call him family. Love you Sumo!

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  1. My sincerest condolences Ova. By the way, I loved your poem. It was refreshing and you should do it more often. Hugs


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