Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burning Up

It's a super hot Sunday, July evening & I've been feeling so so as usual moody.. But also as usual as that I know my life is still a blessing. I've been so grateful that my love for writing is gradually coming back. I'm becoming more active in searching out things & people to become inspired by.
So yesterday I was able to go & watch "What to expect, when your expecting." A family comedy about men & women dealing with pregnancy at different stages. Whether it's adopting from another country, one-night stands that evovle into miscarriage that continues to evovle into two people falling in love, Mid-marrys that have tried years to getting pregnant & older individuals who are wived by women half their age.. I went into this movie totally pumped that I would laugh my head off. But there was two things that kinda detoured that intention. Which was one where I am currently in my romantic status..
A big fat S for "SINGLE.." LOL
And another big fat capital phrase on
"M&M" Monthly Menstral!lol So instead of laughing through out the entire movie.. If ever we were to go into a drout here in Utah. My "Cry Me A River" episode from yesterday would've gotten out of that predicment. lol

I finally could see out loud, why men struggle with getting into serious relationships & staying in one. Now that doesn't mean that I approve of cheaters, slackers or guys that just wanna hang out without progressing. But what I am saying is I see why guys take FOOOOOREEEEVER to comit.. I had a love one say to be recently, I don't think I'm ready for a serious relationship because I don't want to lose my freedom or have to answer to anyone.

I pray that men of all ages & relationship status' understand this one thing.  "We women are just as scared but at least in my opinion, we bite the bullet & overcome that fear because we understand that being a successful relationship it takes a team."
In the famous lyrics of the great Michael Jackson, "You are not alone & so don't get it twisted & try to do everything on your own.


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