Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dancing Queen

So I can tend to be a big time complainer & am usually a silent one at that :( call it passive aggressiveness. But yeah, more then often I catch myself in that zone. So I was sitting at home bored out of my mind yesterday. Thinking hmmm what to do? I wanna go out but I'm super broke & my besties are either out & about or preparing to go on vacations.
Which just had me fall into a lazy mode. Running it over & over again in my mind thoughts of I'm gonna just stay at home on a Friday night & be cool with it.
Well I wasn't really cool with it at all lol. Because who was I tryna fool, I'm a ka'a (translation>> itchy to go out) queen of america. And I heard earlier during the day, my old ward SLC 2nd YSA was having a repp your team jersey dance, held at SLCC. And usually I'd be all over it & trying to find a ride to hit up any SLC 2nd event.
However last night because I was in a lazy mode, I also began to slip into pity party thinking "arrggh ova you have  no friends" And at that moment I resolved to just stay home & wallow away in my non-ka'aness friday night. Well like some superheros out of a comic book. Edna Aiono & Sina Ika came flying by to save the day. Not only that I was able to sport my team jersey for half of the night. OH YES!! L.A. LAKERS BABY... Then later into the night, like I was kim kardashian or I changed into my Sixer's jersey to repp for my former hubby lol. Alan Iverson.. Which made for an escape out of my slumpy mood.

My Man Allen Iverson

Well we got to the dance an hour after it started. Thinking we'd be late. But of course we weren't! We weren't late at all lol if anything we were opening up the dance. Missing opening prayer by seconds. Since we sat in the truck for a half an Polynesians tend to arrive 2hours later from when programs begin. A big pet peeve of mines. So anyway on a happier note.. As we approached the entrance way, we were greeted by the Activities Chairman. None other than Hans "Chubby" Fonoimoana..

Saluations went a lil like this if I remember correctly. Chubbs: "Ahhhh not the Lakers, you can go & you can go," pointing at Edna (die hard fan that girl)lol and myself.. Then as Sina walked up closer, Chubbs exclaims "Utah? yeah your ok but the other two nah."lol  such haters them Laie Boyz.. :) But thank goodness for Chubbs because he kicked off our night with nothing but laughs. Acting crazy, making jokes & dancing to his own beat to every song. Which I was grateful for on behalf of all of us. It's not always easy going back to a ward that you love so much but have to move on from because of church rules. Especially due to a person's age. However God was truly mindful of Edna,Sina & I by providing Chubbs as entertainment. Because not only do I think we might've left early if he hadn't. I truly believe that I would've remained in my sour mood.. So pick ups & props to tender mercies of the Lord in keeping us motivated..

Well the night continued on & a lot of our brothers & sisters from the Volta Samoan Ward YSA & Granger 11th attended. Which is always a great sight to see polynesians of all islands come together. I spotted my fijian that I use to talk to from last summer. Didn't wanna force a conversation with him. Never know when a guy is tryna get at other girls. So ignorning my brother Ammaron Taula's advice to go over & talk to him was the sensible thing to do. I kept my space & I don't think my fijian minded at all. Or he would've step to Plus I figure if a guy really wants to conversate or bond he will come over. My fijian didn't come over, so I went on with my celebrating on the dance floor.. :)

So the dance was packed & it was so great to be in the company of the ones I love. Both old & new friends under the same roof doing what I love most.. Which is dancing for hours on top of hours. And my dance partners, the Aiono sisters, Fetu, her ysa, my young women from Utah county, Mone Langi, some random drunk guy, Ammaron Taula & yes can't forget who started it all off, drum roll Introducing 49ers most devoted fan, Kahuku Red Raider Rider to die fo' Mr. Hans "Chubby" In my element of music, good people & light refreshments I was on cloud 9.. And to top it the night off I ran into 3 of my guy cousins. One in which expressed how he's on his 2nd divorce and I was like what? What is wrong with us? Your on your second divorce & I can't even get one marriage.. We laughed & he said "No worries sis marriage is over-rated." Which I cut him off & firmly stated. "NO BROTHER! it's not cause my kids are waiting on me as I'm waiting on my husband." Where the heck is that guy!?" We laughed some more & he promised we'd get together for lunch soon to catch up.. This perspective on marriage & divorce is something I wanna talk more about. But not til my next post.

I left the dance all worked out from breaking a continuous sweat on the dance floor, grateful that I have great friends & family to boost me up when things get rough, restoring my hope that happiness in the smallest things brings forth more gratitude for the bigger things. Especially when those moments wheather big or small are unexpected. Just loving reminders that God hasn't forgotten me. I've said it before & I'll continue to say it
I Love my SLC YSA's
& right hand over my fatu fatu.. :)

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