Friday, July 13, 2012

Family Roots

My dad's 1st cousin Kalala Fauolo had her 50th birthday party today. Her mom Auntie Lusi is my Grandma Aimiti's sister. We arrived with King Tui & as usual we gained instant attention. Not by anything concerning me. If we're popular it's all because of  King Tui.. :)
Me,Sister Dahni, King Tui & Heidi's Son
Well, the setting was beautiful music bouncing off the stage, family hugs & kisses as we made our way to our table & just a great feeling of being in our element.
 Meaning entertainment, food & family..

Me & Auntie Kalala
There was a portion of the program where people expressed their love to Auntie Kalala, followed by a show from sister ipo vea's girls, then the og section by ipo & mz ledda aka leta... I witnessed pure talent for about 3 hours & a sense of pride came over me. That I was born into a family, though at times can be super dramatic. I come from a family that is skilled in so many areas & tonight just proved to me where our drive comes from & rooted in us at a very young age.
Mom,Teuila,Tile,Me, Auntie Kalala,Ena
& King Tui
 I couldn't have asked for a better family. Because of our 2nd generation of parents, aunties & uncles that never did anything half-way. If they knew they could do something they did it. With all their heart & soul. If they didn't know how to do something, you'd better believe they wouldn't lead anyone to discover it. And they'd just pick up what they were trying to learn as fast as they could & move along life like they were born naturals..
Bosslady aka My Sis Tile & I
Our second generation of Mapu's really move me to be just like them. Words could never do justice in expressing how grateful I am to learn from their examples. Tonight I missed the aunties & uncles that weren't present. But I am sure grateful for the ones that were in attendance. I pray that my husband hurry's the heo up lol so we can have these spiritual giants at our wedding. Ain't NO FAMILY BAND LIKE OUR FAMILY BAND & that's the truth.. Afo's, Mapu's,Galeai's & anyone who came from Uncle Lei'a Mapu's direction. :)

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