Sunday, July 29, 2012

Journey To Higher Ground

It's been a very busy week with my besties Tati Skipps & Doraleen Levao. Window shopping for Doraleen's wedding, dance practice & picking up wedding stuff has been an adventure to say the least.. Experiences galore with a bunch of different people.. During all of this sister time & hanging out with Granger 11 YSA throughout this week, I've come to gain a greater appreciation for my Samoan brother's & sisters in the Samoan Ward. A few weeks ago we held our Divine Heritage choir fireside for Volta Samoan ward.. In which we had those in attendance act like they were boarding a plane that would crash & then they'd experience what would happen in the after life. From what we believe thorough gospel principals would happen once we'd die. It's a fireside I truly feel everyone should experience at least once in my opinion.

So anyway this past week was Samoan Flag week and like I said I got to experience more than my usual share of various adventures. And because people don't get along, we have two separate Samoan Flag Days. Meaning one is held in Taylorsville, which broke off from the original group. That holds their Samoan Flag Day @ West Valley Centennial Park. Now granted I know that working in any size group is hard work. I myself am the type of person that was raised by the standard "When the boss says do this & that, than you do exactly that without a second thought."
Which saves alot of arguing to me & room for debate. Where the possiblity of everyone trying to be the chief & no one assuming the position of indian concerning a group setting..

And since this year started & with working hard through our Divine Heritage Choir. I've come to witness the importance of team work, compromise & humility to assume the position of being secure in the role that your assign. Because being a choir member is just as important as being the president. For the obvious reasoning that with out one you can't accomplish the main goal. Which in a choir is to bring souls to Christ. And in speaking on these comittees having two separate Samoan Flag Days. I agree with my best friend Tati when she says "If anything these comittees should be promoting unity because having two separate flag days makes us look stupid." So a major lesson I've learned in going to both of these functions has been pride kills. Kills unity, compromise & the security that our culture can come together as one & put all the egos & hurt feelings aside for future generations to keep the traditions of our ancestors. To move forward in peace.
All in all I hope they will eventually make a mence & fix it. Cause if we continue to not get along & always want to be the chief & not the indians in the village. Who's to say we won't continue to have people add on every few years with the mindframe of "Hmmmm I don't care for so & so & their opinions, I'm gonna have my own Samoan Flag Day this year." Then we end up with 20 different flag days in one week on the same week. That would be just a whole lot of waste time to me and a disgrace to our culture. That again people allow their prides kill their opportunity to rise above all that mess to journey to higher ground & get things done the right way.

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