Monday, July 30, 2012

Misunderstood Heart

This is gonna be one of my quickest postings compared to any other. Just because I'm short on time & really should be getting ready for church, instead of recording my feelings. But I feel a sense of urgency to express what's in my heart. As well as for what's on my mind. Which is the power of a parents love. We all know that I have yet to receive the  opportunity to bare my own children. But soon I just know it. :) But I wanted to quickly express the love I have for my parents. Mother Florence Olotoa Su'a'paia & my father Loimata Tuimatafau Fa'amaligi Mapuolesega Afo.. Two very opposites. If any two could be measured over a personality spectrum. But  between the two the obvious commonality is the 
 love they have for us.

Last night I was able to witness their willness to express guilt over mistakes they've made in the past. Whether by big or small choices due to their circumstances then. Their remorse was evident. With the motive of getting feelings out on the table to stengthen our family. No one knew what was coming or how this would help us to progress. But at the end of each ones turn, I learned even more about the importance valuing family members.
 Point is we all tend to jump to conclusions in what we want when we don't get it. And not to make excuses to remain misunderstood. Because pride won't express what the heart is feeling.  Am I my brother's keeper? Yes!!
Do something good for someone and it'll gurantee a good gesture will retun.. :)

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